The Smart Gadgets For Renters Guide

The Smart Gadgets For Renters Guide Science & Technology

The Smart Gadgets For Renters Guide!

If you’re looking to build a smart home within an apartment or any rental that you’re in, well you need to take a bit of a different approach to the types of smart products you buy and the smart home ideas you undertake. You can’t necessarily do everything you would if you owned the place you live in, so as a renter, these are the best #smart #home #products for #renting.

The following are all affiliate links:

Nest WiFi – (Amazon) or
Hubitat – (Amazon)
Philips Hue Hub and 3 White Bulbs – (Amazon)
Philips Hue Color Bulb – (Amazon)
Philips Hue Go – (Amazon)
Lutron Aurora “dial” for – (Amazon)
Sylvania ZigBee Bulbs – (Amazon)
Yeelight Wifi Bulbs – (Amazon)
Sengled ZigBee Bulbs – (Amazon)
Double-Sided clear tape – (Amazon)
SmartThings Vision –
Blink Indoor Camera – (Amazon)
Blink Outdoor Camera – (Amazon)
Wyze Cam Outdoor – (Amazon)
Ring Doorview Cam (peephole camera) – (Amazon)
SwitchBot Hub Plus – (Amazon)
SwitchBot Hub Mini – (Amazon)
SwitchBot Button – (Amazon)
SwitchBot Meter – (Amazon)
SwitchBot Humidifier – (Amazon)
Amazon Echo – (Amazon)
Amazon Echo Dot – (Amazon)
Amazon Echo Show 8 – (Amazon)
Google Nest Audio –
Google Nest Mini –
Google Nest Hub Max –
Wyze Door Lock (with Keypad) – (Amazon)

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20 thoughts on “The Smart Gadgets For Renters Guide

  1. Omar Al-Azzawi says:

    Great video most YouTubers don’t cover this situation and those smart companies are the same we need more options for renters, btw is there any cheaper solution than the Amazon peephole doorbell I saw the upcoming wyze doorbell but it’s hardwired

  2. Hans Aramburo says:

    If you are renting a house with a chamberlain garage door opener, their inexpensive adapter turns it into a smart garage door opener.

    Very easy to set up and it’s so light you don’t need to mount it with screws. Using the double sided tape you introduced me to, I was able to secure it to the chamberlain itself.

  3. gaining happy guy says:

    Wait !4:20 is smart things pulling out of the hardware market ???

  4. Brendan White says:

    I know what you mean about WiFi networks. There are about 50 around me. That said, I tend to manually choose the channels and I set ZigBee to be 15 or above which is outside the WiFi range. I have found Philips Hue tends to set 15 by default here in Australia, but DeConz tried to use channel 11 so I moved that one pretty quick.
    I’ve seen similar double sided tape to that clear tape. I found it really good and surprisingly easy to clean off the wall when moving or removing a device.
    With the AirCon in the unit, I initially used a Zwave to IR controller, but I ended up going with a Broadlink RM Pro to control it. I found Broadlink was really easy to setup and configure.

  5. Philippe Rostin says:

    As a multiunits owner I will never authorize most of IOT things here in quebec because 99.9% of tenants do not put the appartement back in order when they leave! It’s sad because it is in their leases but no one inforces it. So, well screw them.

  6. Markie Bee says:

    Hey Brian. Mark from Cape Town. Great content as usual. Thank you.

  7. mashehab says:

    I highly recommend those suggestions you made. I’m a renter and I’m using almost everything that you stated in your video especially that double sided tape. Smart plugs/bulbs, wyze/blink cams, myQ with amazon cloud cam for my garage Echo Dots, wyze sensors, smartthings hub/sensors and switchbot button press and their humidifier/thermostat combination along with their small hub
    The only exception/addition that you might wanna talk about in you future video is that I used “Third Reality” switches over my existing wall switches that works with smartthings hub and can be installed and removed easily as well as the ecobee smart thermostat with room occupancy sensors and some smart vents from Airtap in some rooms where I needed them to regulate the air flow pressure.
    Thanks Brian for truly being a good consultant throughout this journey!

  8. Beryl White says:

    ?Another great video! But you in civilization… That is scary!This will bring wonderful things to civilization.Thanks for all the hard work and keep up the great job.

  9. Tony Tango says:

    Good luck on being able to find any empty Wi-Fi channels if you live in a apartment style building. Smile

  10. CopyrightStrike Songs says:

    Also, you should do a fully smart home tour at 100k subs. Don’t worry that will come very soon so start cleaning up haha

  11. Roy Beckham says:

    You might consider the 3M Command brand of adhesives and velcro attachments. They really hang in there and can hold a lot of weight and are easily removable without damaging the paint/wall.

  12. CopyrightStrike Songs says:

    I realized why your name is Brian. I just flip around the letters a bit then it spells Brain. You my sir are naturally smart. If anyone tells you anything rude or calls you a nerd, remember that’s the 4 letter way of saying cool.

  13. CopyrightStrike Songs says:

    Another thing, I’m moving into a new room, and thinking of painting a wall sky blue. My only concert is that I wanted to put my tv there and put some nice light strips behind it. Would the light blue on the wall make the ambient and bias lightning unoticable? When I’m to watch the my room is dark and I’d probualy only have that as my lighting for movies, but I didn’t want to ruin the effect. It’s a 40inch tv if that has anything to do with it

  14. Jason Morgan says:

    Thanks for another cool video!
    I am sending this to my son who rents since he’s away at college. He has some Wyze bulbs and plugs and a couple G home minis but he is often looking for more ways to automate, especially after visits my silly, automated home.?

  15. dyejimmy says:

    I am here because a wonderful human named Paul Hibbert mentioned you in his latest vid. Subbed and sticking around.

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