Olive Smart Ear Review: Better Hearing Through SCIENCE

Olive Smart Ear Review: Better Hearing Through SCIENCE Science & Technology

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What if your Bluetooth headset could improve your hearing? Olive’s Smart Ear helps reduce noise in your environment making it easier to hear speech around you! Plus it’s cute as a button. Let’s take a look!
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Olive Smart Ear Review: Better Hearing Through SCIENCE – Video published on YouTube by JuanBagnell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko-v_JimHgg

14 thoughts on “Olive Smart Ear Review: Better Hearing Through SCIENCE

  1. Basheer Muhammad says:

    Some of the best critical reviews. Most accurate. Thank you Juan.

  2. ken x says:

    Two videos in one day.. very rare.
    That case design is interesting. It makes me ask the question: would you like brooding ear bacteria or pocket lint on your ear buds’?

  3. Andy Panayiotou says:

    I applaud your for shedding light on these topics. I’m fighting back just hoping that these kind of tech and considerations bleed into “mainstream” products. Although that would be great, these preventive and/or midway solutions need to expand.
    There is a hope, with the advent of 3D printing, croud-sourcing and generally the explanation of tools personalised products.

  4. Hugo G says:

    I believe that with noise cancellation getting more and more common in more budget oriented headphones, the damage produced by using high volume during long periods of time will (hopefully) be reduced, although we are already doomed lol

  5. jlh says:

    Man I wish I could get this channel to explode your content is solid and honest and whether you like a brand or not you still give it credit where deserved more and more youtubers are selling out and it really hurts for people that need honest input before making a large purchase.

  6. heydoeradio says:

    OK here me out we talk about scifi being people willingly loosing arns for better ones and shit.

    But here was actualky see a medical aid being sold to the general public as a enhancement

    This is actually how we get to cyberpunk arm and nurolink

  7. Nikolaus Matheis says:

    Thanks for focusing on hearables, Juan. I hadn’t heard much about them before, but they make a lot of sense and have certainly piqued my interest!

  8. Vera 1957 says:

    My moms 91 an cant hear worth a shit an her vision is going.
    She won’t go to get a hearing aid do you think this will work?

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