Amazon Echo Show 10 Smart Display Review: Alexa, Follow Me

Amazon Echo Show 10 Smart Display Review: Alexa, Follow Me Science & Technology

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Alexa, Follow Me!

This is the latest Amazon Echo Show 10, it’s louder with a 2 in 1 stereo packing 1 downward-firing woofer, and 2 tweeters, comes in charcoal grey or white, and can swivel up to 175 degrees and using AI algorithms and its ultra wide-angle camera, it can also follow you. You can test it using Alexa, Follow me! or you can also set it so it follow you all the time. It can be useful when making video calls or you want to carry on watching videos on your Echo Show 10 as you cook or do something else. The Amazon Echo Show 10 uses MediaTek 8183 and Zigby home hub so you can easily connect it to your smart things like your Ring Doorbell or Philips Hue light bulb system. Are you team Alexa or Google Assistant?

00:00 Amazon Echo Show 10 Intro
00:22 Amazon Echo Show 10 Specs and Design
03:00 Amazon Echo Show 10 AI Tracking Follow me
05:16 Amazon Echo Show 10 Sound Test
06:45 Amazon Echo Show 10 Verdict

The Amazon Echo Show 10 was provided by Amazon for this review and they didn’t have any input in the outcome of this review.

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13 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Show 10 Smart Display Review: Alexa, Follow Me

  1. GadgetsBoy says:

    this is just a taste of what’s to come with home assistant devices

  2. Oliver Stemp says:

    I’ve got the previous version, it’s very pretty, but I don’t really use for anything other than music, it’s quite inconvenient compared with phones and tablets. I think the movement on this is very gimmicky.

  3. jar puppy says:

    cost way to much maybe £100 max good luck with your ring door bell useless

  4. Papi Moist says:

    The tablet design looks old,they coulda gone with a sleeker design

  5. Hecydec says:

    love you hecydec from new south wales Australia was born in chile love this love this god bless you good

  6. NoReason says:

    I wanted to buy this, but after I saw it, and considering the fact that I will keep it only on my desk, I think I will go with Echo Show 2nd gen.

    Great video, great video/audio quality. Keep going! New subscriber here. Waiting for more content about smart devices.

  7. Justin D. says:

    Will it follow you while watching tv content like Netflix? I move around the kitchen a lot and that would be awesome.

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