ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor – FREE for a Limited Time

ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor - FREE for a Limited Time Science & Technology

This is a sponsored video featuring my setup and review of the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini by Nonda. It’s FREE for a limited time. The gadget plugs into your car’s OBD2 and provides you real time vehicle health plus mileage tracking using bluetooth connectivity. This can save you hundreds of dollars from dealerships just to scan codes and clear the engine light.

This video also features the appearance of a new character on the channel – Tyler the Conspiracy Nut. Look for him at the end of this video.

Get your FREE Smart Vehicle Health Monitor at the link below:

ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor – FREE for a Limited Time – Video published on YouTube by Antenna Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZS586zU4G0

20 thoughts on “ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor – FREE for a Limited Time

  1. wade barnett says:

    Is that a real wall, or is it a green screen illusion? Your old wall was fine.

  2. william camick says:

    Nice presentation. I’m in, on the gadget doohickey thingy! Hope I can get MEtv with it, lol!

  3. Supremerulah says:

    Hmmm. Definitely seems better than my Micro Mechanic device. Also, I share some of Tyler’s concern. Will they share data with insurance companies ??

  4. dogs plants cars & neat stuff says:

    Looks robust! i am a big fan of Blue driver scanner (doesn’t have the mileage checks) one time $85 on sale. I like that I can put it on my 10 in. Amazon Fire for my old eyes. Now that is a large view screen.

  5. Rex Tex says:

    I am surprised you didn’t go with a green screen. That way you could change the background at a whim. Any way, the new back ground looks great! Keep up the good work.

  6. A. j says:

    I like the wall. Makes me think youre next to the side of a house to mount an antenna.

  7. TsunamiFPS says:

    What’s the year of your car? All of the cars in my family is no later than 2006 ish and all of them are bought used and none of them even has a regular aux connection (one of them have a rca jack port on a weird location.

  8. John Benard says:

    Tyler you should look into ordering the item before you go and advertise that it’s totally free, it’s not they are charging an $8.94 shipping fee. At this time still 1 day and over 17 hours left for the limited time offer. Come on you should know better than this, nothing is free.

  9. Nothing Lost says:

    They tried to get me to pay a $8.00 and something for shipping. I could not un check this. So I hit the back button. I think they took my order, but I am not sure. The price is right if I ever get it.

  10. RJParker says:

    They want a credit card for shipping at $8.94 and it sounds likr an overseas merchant based on their shipping notice. I suspect that “Conspiracy Nut” was right this time.

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