Why Smart Gear for Pets Is Overrated

Why Smart Gear for Pets Is Overrated Howto & Style

People treat their pets like family, but is it worth it to invest in smart pet gear like a $450 self-cleaning litter box? How much do the pets actually benefit from these gizmos and gadgets? We talk to Kaitlyn Wells to find out if automatic litter boxes, interactive pet cameras, or smart pet feeders actually live up to the hype.

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Why Smart Gear for Pets Is Overrated – Video published on YouTube by Wirecutter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VnQYOVugyc

8 thoughts on “Why Smart Gear for Pets Is Overrated

  1. Dorie Chevlen says:

    Hi, I’m Dorie, the host of this video! I love learning about overrated products that don’t work (also they pay me to do that) so if there’s something you’d like to learn more about, leave a comment! Also please keep the comments nice I am so sensitive and I will take them all to heart <3

  2. MrFahrenheit says:

    Such an under rated YouTube channel. I was honestly considering buying half of these products, saved me BIG TIME!

  3. Okoleiman says:

    Great video! We have 3 cats in our home and I own the litter robot 3 with WiFi connection. It went so well, I got a second one. Thankfully we have a large home to have one on each floor. Zero problems after a year so far. The ability to just replace a bag once a week is a big difference than scooping multiple boxes every day, and the app will tell me whenever it’s full. This video leaves out the option to have steps so cats don’t have to jump in and out. Two of our cats are 18 pounds and aren’t bothered by the space inside. It also better contains any odors than traditional litter boxes. It’s a pricey investment, but we’ve been relieved to have it.

  4. Fake Name says:

    Great video. I know my dog has boredom issues and while I wish some device could help her play during the day, she can chew through anything in minutes and what she really needs is doggy play days.

  5. Charlie Tighe says:

    I am a huge Wirecutter fan and usually take your word as gold, but I actually disagree with this one. While it is very true these devices aren’t for everyone, I have 2 auto feeders and a litter robot and LOVE them.

  6. S Gray says:

    I 100% disagree about the litter robot. I have two cats, one of whom doesn’t like to use the litter box if it’s at all full. It makes my life so much easier & my cats love it. There is also a new company that has a very similar box for $250. If you have the money and more than one cat I would recommend the litter robot.

    I also have a automated feeder and I think my cats really enjoy the consistency with their feeding times, and I get to sleep in on the weekends without them yelling at me for dinner.

  7. Constantin Koehler says:

    I bought the plate-style feeder y’all recommended and it’s been GREAT! Love the video, but please consider not using the “iPhone ding” noise (3:15), especially not 4 times in a short window. It sounded like my phone was blowing up with messages!

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