Ultra Fast Wireless 4K HDMI from Skylarx

Ultra Fast Wireless 4K HDMI from Skylarx Science & Technology

Unboxing and demo of Skylarx ultra fast wireless 4K HDMI.

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Ultra Fast Wireless 4K HDMI from Skylarx – Video published on YouTube by The Tech Giant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw2gN8DkapI

20 thoughts on “Ultra Fast Wireless 4K HDMI from Skylarx

  1. Messiah says:

    Oh I’m late my bad as always u have amazing vids bro keep up the good work???

  2. scott adams says:

    HAHA love it Paul, “Green around that HDMI port, which indicates its either the sender or reciever”..no SHIT!!! lol love the vids keep em coming.

  3. Benedict Van Moortel says:

    can you play the demo from outriders on your LG OLED CX plz? from XBOX SERIES X?

  4. The Vaibhav Dharewa says:

    Umm so what’s the use of both I didn’t got it. Paul can u make me understand what it does and why we need it?

  5. ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayāñ دکھنی says:

    This is a very useful video , this guy was funny to watch in a nice way but this one is a critical and very technical video well done!

  6. Pavle Djuric says:

    Paul was greeted by my uncle Boban and said you make great clips

  7. Simon Hazelden says:

    The price is the killer for this, I’d rather put up with any other solution than spend this much. I also only need a 1080p one as the TV I’d send to is in the bedroom and not 4K. The sender unit also needs a pass through so you can maintain current connection but send to a second screen. This needs even more cables to work properly as you need an hdmi splitter and another two hdmi cables to be perfect. The cost for this tech needs to drop significantly for this to take off. Also, if people buy this for sending a laptop to the TV, they’re being ripped off as most laptops with windows 10 can send the image to a modern tv without any extra devices. @techgiant can you test how well this works sending to another room please.

  8. jake martin ! says:

    Tech giant please help me out which do u prefer for like 5 hours daily use (gaming / movies use not news channels and sports). 1)lg cx oled or 2)samsung q80t

    Ive bought the lg cx oled 55inch (thinking of returning it) but im scared of the flaws i hear about burn in and motherboard issues . I would like long lasting tv and very good lookin.

  9. Ben Robinson says:

    Does the device have to be in direct line of sight as stated? Ideally I’d like to send a signal from a different room in the house! The distance is approximately 12m from the device to the tv but it has walls/doors in between. Keep up with the great content on the channel!

  10. karthik lool says:

    Love ur video ,ur spoken English nd ur presentation of a product

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