Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs. 3000

Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs. 3000 Science & Technology

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Top Tech Under Rs. 3000 :
1. Multi Device Keyboard :
2. Tap Sensor :
3. NVME Enclosure :
4. 3 in 1 Wireless Charger :
5. Portable Vacuum :

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20 thoughts on “Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs. 3000

  1. Saurabh lotankar says:

    he said green notch but i saw it yellow anybody else saw it yellow or is it just me

  2. sooraj sai says:

    Damn, all these tech you showed were really good.. especially the keyboard and vacuum cleaner ??

  3. R MAHESH KANNAN says:

    I’m surprised at the slow rate of growth ? for this channel..

  4. Mithlesh Singh Bisht says:

    I really want video on power adapters with fast charging n multiple charging..

  5. Lakshay Purohit says:

    I always love and wait for these top tech series videos❤️?

  6. Aditya Vaishy says:

    This video was awesome ?
    I need help
    I want to buy a Rechargeable backlight keyboard and mouse.
    Please suggest some.

  7. suman dey says:

    Bharat Sir mi notebook 14 e-learning edition is good laptop in 35k? please reply me sir…. please

  8. Marcelia Aleluia says:

    Vaccum Cleaner Unavailable.. any alternative site where I can get the vaccum Cleaner

  9. Shashank Shekhar Mishra says:

    Hey Bharat! The Vacuum Cleaner is not available. Can you please share another link for the same. Thanks!

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