Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs.1000

Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs.1000 Science & Technology

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Check Out Thompson Tvs. :

00:00 Intro
00:30 Mobile Cooler :
01:14 Car Charger :
01:51 Night Lamp :
02:25 Multi Tool :
03:44 Wireless Numpad :
04:30 RGB Mousepad :
05:25 Pen Stand :
06:12 Gadget bag :
06:40 Laptop Stand :
07:41 USB C To C Cable :
08:14 Bonus Power Bank :

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Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs.1000 – Video published on YouTube by iGyaan:

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  2. Amit Asthana says:

    Need to know about 20000 mh PowerBank, please make videos on that

  3. TPA says:

    When you say under 1000, shouldn’t all the produucts be under 1000 and, maybe not 1249 or 1099?

  4. general ak beast says:

    Pls make video on wireless and wired headphones ?? under 2k???

  5. Farhan Ali says:

    Can You please tell the keyboard you have used in the video in RGB mouse pad ?

  6. debyandu mondal says:

    Bring a video
    Making a cpu under 30k with best specification and letest 2020

  7. Joydeep Chakraborty says:

    this is so useful, i wonder why other channels do not make this type of content. I mean I ordered a few items myself from the links, I was so in need for these. Keep up the good work. Nice to find that atleast one of my Subscribed channels is actually helping by saving my time from going through hours and hours of product searches.

  8. Chris Z says:

    Please upload one for your decor in your studio. All those cool things we get to see in the background of each and everyone of your videos. Please! ??

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