Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets

Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets Education

Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi | Best Smart Gadgets-Smart Gadgets have made a mark in the market today, you will get everything smart in the market today. Such as smartwatch, smart band, smart led, smart heater etc. There was a time when you used to talk only with the phone, but today the phone has become smart, similarly today everything is being made smart.
Today I will tell you about the top 5 smart gadgets that you will be surprised to see.

This is a digital smartpen with which if you write on any surface, the instant output will be visible on your phone. Even before that in Samsung’s Note series phones, you must have seen that Samsung gives an S Pen with its phone. With which you can do many things. Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets

Samsung is making its S Pen better day by day, but you can use this S Pen only by touching it on the phone. But Phree is more advance than this S Pen.

smart gadgets
To draw or type something on your phone, you do not need to touch it on the screen of your phone, but if you write something on any surface, even on your body, it will start typing on the phone instantly. All you have to do is connect your phone to Phree via Bluetooth. After that, you can draw or type anything. It will appear on your phone very quickly.

Another important thing about this is that you can also receive phone calls from Phree.

ixigo kavach
Friends ixigo Kavach is a smart lock that you can open with your fingerprint. Its most striking feature is the shock wave. This lock creates an electronic shock wave on your bag (to which you lock it) so that if the thief steals your bag and goes 5 meters from you, then he will get a strong current shock.

If you do not want to put electric mourning on it, then you can also put an alarm on it so that as soon as the thief takes your bag from you at a distance of 5 meters, the alarm will start ringing. Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets

You can open this lock with fingerprint and Bluetooth. This lock is made of military-grade steel, so it is not easy to break or open. The good thing is that it is waterproof locked, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

After charging this lock once, you can use it for years. Its another special thing is that its price you can buy it for amazon or Flipkart only at 799 rupees.

Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard
Friends, this is a wearable keyboard. This keyboard works on the gesture of your hands, you can move and type by moving your hands anywhere. This best technology is called gesture-based typing. You can also call it a futuristic keyboard. This may be the next trend in the keyboard market. Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets.

smart gadgets
You just have to wear these gloves in your hands and move your hands on any surface as you are typing, the only difference is that here you are typing with one hand. The good thing is that here you do not have to worry about mistakes because this keyboard works at 99% accuracy level. Meaning you can type any word without leaving it, but for this, you will have to learn to run this device.

For this, you have to download the Tap Genius application. In it you are also given many tasks and games. After 3 to 4 hours of practice, you will master this keyboard. Bluetooth is provided for connectivity in this wearable keyboard with the help of Bluetooth, you can also type it by connecting it to your phone, tablet, computer, laptop, vr device or smart tv.

Xenxo s-ring
Friends, have you ever thought that there should be a small device that can do all your work easily. And you do not need to carry smartwatch, smart band, earphone, Bluetooth call receiver, pen drive, Bluetooth key or credit, debit card with you. Even if you do not have a phone, you can do all this work. For this, you should be in your finger. Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets.

A small Xenxo S-Ring, with this S ring, you can do all your work with increased ease. This sounds difficult to hear, but it has been shown by the founder and chief executive of Xenxo S-Ring, VIGNESHWAR kG and his team.

Friends, whether we go to school, go to college or go to the office. One thing we always need and that is the bag. Because this is the thing in which we can keep all the things we need. Now in school time we used to buy school bags, after coming to college we started buying college bags and after completion of studies, we still need this bag, the only difference is that today we buy office bags or laptop bags. Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Buy in Hindi Best Smart Gadgets.

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