Top 10 home automation ideas – Ultimate smart home tour

Top 10 home automation ideas - Ultimate smart home tour Science & Technology

Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 85% off and 3 extra months for free! Top 10 home automation ideas – Ultimate smart home tour and review. It can be hard to know where to start with smart home improvements, so I thought I’d do a tour of my smart home and walk you through my top 10 home automations … and some of the latest products, like the Yale Assure smart lock I’m using. These are the things I value the most to help with security, convenience, saving energy … and even some money over time.

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Top 10 home automation ideas - Ultimate smart home tour
Top 10 home automation ideas – Ultimate smart home tour – Video published on YouTube by Undecided with Matt Ferrell:

20 thoughts on “Top 10 home automation ideas – Ultimate smart home tour

  1. myHomeKithome says:

    Amazing ideas Matt! My smart home wouldn’t be the same without the plethora of sensors.

  2. jawbreaker says:

    I automate using home assistant and tasmota firmware. This way all my devices are on the same platform and have no central server reliance.

  3. Scott Neamon says:

    Hey mat, great ideas! And a very well timed video as I’m working on starting/ expanding my smart home options

  4. Zach S says:

    Great video! Can you write an article showing how you did all this stuff?

  5. Jay Gerber says:

    Matt, looking for the best wireless (battery operated) video doorbell that works well with Google Assistant. Is Nest my best option? What else would work well?

  6. John McAndrew says:

    My favorite:
    1. Geofence to turn on lights in the garage when I come home. They automatically turn off 5 min. later.

    2. No light switch at the door where I enter the house. Three lights automatically turn on when I arrive home but only if it’s after sunset.

  7. lookcloser says:

    ? Love some home automation, great reviews, but most of this stuff will only add to one’s stress to install, maintain and manage all of it. Too much information that quite simply is just not necessary. Less is more (unless one is reviewing electronic gadgets!).

  8. Toni P says:

    Thanks for your extremely informative videos. I particularly enjoy the Smart Home automation content. I live all the way down in New Zealand & was wondering if you could recommend a plug that I could use for the washing machine alerts as we are on a different wattage here. Thank you 🙂

  9. No light, no water, no late night snacking. says:

    4:45 It’d be funny to have Samuel Jackson’s voice go “Oh I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?”

  10. Sean Manne says:

    Great clip, Matt. You are spot on with saying that it is still the ‘wild west’ out there! I am sure I speak for many in saying that we all long for the day when all (or any) system you choose can play nicely with each other!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Matt Johnson says:

    I like when people correctly use “automation”. Most “home automation” is just remote control. That’s not automation.

  12. DIVYANSH says:

    Gone are the days where “(something can be done with) push of a button” phrase was used to show simplicity.

  13. Scratch Pad says:

    Hello, Mr. Ferrell, I like the font you use on your intro card mentioning SurfShark as well as the other topics of smart home automation. Do you know what that font is called and where I can download it? It almost looks like a variation of HP Simplified, but it is subtly different.

  14. Daniel Eneström says:

    One of my favorite automations is a LED strip and a motion sensor under the bed, so when I step off the bed during the night it lights up the floor subtly so that I can see without waking my partner. Great for when the toddlers wake up during the night and you have to scramble up quickly to stop them from demolishing something in the house at 2 am.

  15. glbuls says:

    Having the garage door auto close makes me nervous. So, I just have it send an alert if left open. I then check a camera and validate all is clear before I remote close.

  16. glbuls says:

    When my nest protect goes off… I have it auto turn in my bedroom lights.

  17. Patrick Hardy says:

    Hi Matt, what would be your recommandation for geofencing if wife and I have cellphone but not the kids.. motion detection?

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