Top 10 Coolest Smartphone Gadgets & Accessories of 2020 REVIEW 2020 181

Top 10 Coolest Smartphone Gadgets & Accessories of 2020 REVIEW 2020 181 Science & Technology

Top 10 Coolest Smartphone Gadgets & Accessories of 2020 REVIEW 2020 #181

In this video you’re going to Top 10 Smartphone Gadgets that can increase the usability and functionality of your smartphone and enhance your overall user experience.

Got a new phone and looking for something classy and trendy to accompany it? Or are you searching for a perfect gift for your mobile-crazy friend? We have a long lost to help you out.

In this digital world, no one walks out without their cell phones. In fact, most of their work is done through phones, be it for a professional, a businessman or a student. A cell phone is important for everyone and so are the smartphone accessories that make the phones actually “smart”. Modern-day cell phones are really great and work wonders for everyone. They have great hardware, operating system, and features. But what enhances their functionality and appearance are the accessories. The maximum of the accessories is universal and goes with all smartphones while some of them are designed specifically for some models only.

Anyways, let’s talk about this video now. In this video, I have listed some of the best and most useful smartphone gadgets and accessories that make your life easier and saves a ton of time as well. You must be asking, why do I need an accessory for my phone? The answer is simple. You need it just to enhance your smartphone’s capability.

Most of these phone accessories work well with both android and iOS, so iPhone users can feel free to scroll through to decide which gadget could make their life easy.

If you have more suggestions, let me know in the comment section below. I will personally read and respond to all the comments.

With that, here’s what I’m going to cover in this video.

Best Smartphone Gadgets List: (Affiliate Link)

0:00 – Introduction

01:13 – 10. Cell

02:26 – 9. Adonit mini 4
Amazon US:

03:31 – 8. Moon UltraLight Portable Selfie
Amazon US:

04:38 – 7. TRANYA T10 Bluetooth Earbuds (sponsor)
Amazon Link:

06:17 – 6. Nexdock 2
Amazon US:

07:34 – 5. TNTOR Portable Charger (sponsor)
Amazon US: (10000mAh)
Amazon US: (5000mAh)

09:20 – 4. ShiftCam ProGrip
Amazon US:

10:26 – 3. Duolink Go (sponsor)

11:40 – 2. Zhiyun Smooth X (sponsor)
Amazon Link:

13:27 – 1. Razer Kishi
Amazon US:
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