Tonal Smart Home Gym Review

Tonal Smart Home Gym Review Science & Technology

Here is a look at the new Tonal Gym, which has a display for workout training along with arms for weight lifting! Check out my experience with the Tonal after a few months. Tonal and more MediaTek devices:
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Tonal Smart Home Gym Review – Video published on YouTube by Tim Schofield:

20 thoughts on “Tonal Smart Home Gym Review

  1. Jerry Ge says:

    This is what I have wanted to see for a long time, Tim working out ??

  2. Syed says:

    Just get a proper gym membership, you’ll probably use this twice then never again

  3. Emmanuel Okine says:

    I prefrre traditional method of gyming, not interested in this crap?

  4. SleepyVampireBoy kunal says:

    came here for the product review, stayed for the gun show!

  5. Michael Anthony Butler says:

    Great video! That price is insane, though. I think I’ll stick with Apple Fitness+!

  6. Jer Jibe says:

    Typically I do tricep pull-downs with around 90 pounds of weights on the stack. How much does the arm on this flex with that much resistance?

  7. MrRoyale says:

    Tim…keep up doing so much good video’s. You are not getting much support but I am sure u will get support one day.

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