This LG Face Mask has a Built-In Air Purifier

This LG Face Mask has a Built-In Air Purifier Science & Technology

Smart Face Masks Anyone? At IFA 2020, LG announced its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, a mask with built-in HEPA Filters, fans and a companion smartphone app.

Not yet approved for commercial use, this video explores this timely piece of tech. Will wearable air purifiers become commonplace soon? And would you wear one?

Note: Thumbnail uses digital renders, and is meant for illustrative purposes only.

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This LG Face Mask has a Built-In Air Purifier – Video published on YouTube by GadgetMatch:

20 thoughts on “This LG Face Mask has a Built-In Air Purifier

  1. Quinch says:

    They need to make these retail available ASAP, I’d make use of one. Price depending of course.

  2. Mj Pineda Vlogs says:

    Sadly since this doesn’t filter air that’s coming out. It’s not advisable to use it during this pandemic.

  3. Fariha Tabassum Elida says:

    It’s so good. But I want a world where we wouldn’t need to wear this. ??

  4. Bogel Boogaloo says:

    I noticed this in your last video too: 2:35 wouldn’t it be a USB-A to C cable, since power goes from the A side TO the C side?

  5. Gregor Kluth says:

    Imagine the ai becoming intelligent and killing people by letting no air in

  6. Pau L says:

    Bane mask. I’m sold. What’s the price in corea?
    Kinda worries me that it might become the norm really fast- if so slap buds in them mic Google assistant dashcam popup sunglasses and voila !

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