The Big THREAT That IFTTT is Facing…

The Big THREAT That IFTTT is Facing… Science & Technology

The Big THREAT That IFTTT is Facing…

IFTTT is one of the biggest automation platforms on the internet today. I’m not just talking about for the smart home either, as and the app itself have expanded to include automation options for tons of products and services.

Unfortunately, during that time they’ve also experienced some pretty major losses and I think that this is going to leave a pretty big gap in terms of the products and services you want access to with this platform. I think it’s more important to do something else with your smart home then rely on this web service at this point, and while I’m not saying the end of the platform is imminent, I think you’ll find some issues that you’re going to have. Especially when it comes to Smart Life gear, or Google.

So watch #IFTTT and check out our article here:

Otherwise, maybe you want to watch Paul’s video on how Brilliant is a great app for Smart Life and Tuya ruining your smart life –

Finally, I suggest the Amazon Echo Show 8 if you’re looking to leap into the Amazon ecosystem (affiliate link) – or the Samsung SmartThings Hub if you’re smart and want to use a hub (affiliate link again) –

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The Big THREAT That IFTTT is Facing… – Video published on YouTube by Automate Your Life:

20 thoughts on “The Big THREAT That IFTTT is Facing…

  1. Justin Orton says:

    I still believe IFTTT has a big role to play in home automation. For those that want to go all-in, there is HomeAssistant, Hubitat, OpenHab etc. But for the plug and go gang, IFTTT brings the different platforms together in a way that’s still unique. It would be a massive shame to see IFTTT go the way of Stringify etc as without them, new automaters will be so confined to brand-specific homes. While I appreciate Google (my home assistant of choice) are making some improvements all the time, their routines, for example, are so laughably simplistic they are barely even automation at all.

  2. Stephen Will says:

    Brian, Thanks again for another informative video! Do you think something is in the works to replace IFTTT? I know this might be off-topic but can you make a video re: How to protect your cameras from being hacked? See the below article. Thanks!

  3. Fabian Keppler says:

    Nop, no nooo.. It’s probably time to dumb down the home again. The ‘big’ companies are creeping their way in ‘bit by bit’

  4. desparky says:

    I use Home Assistant to integrate different brands now, and have also taken nearly all my Tuya devices out of the cloud.

  5. Kirk Steinklauber says:

    Explore to be less dependent on Cloud Providers and rely with simple solutions such as Home Assistant. If a company drops a product like IFFFT or even goes out of business your Smart Home integrations or functionality will not stop

  6. Adrian Hubbard says:

    IFTTT has no real use and why people like it amazes me, I have found no real use and things I would like it to do it can’t

  7. HueyYEG says:

    IFTTT, Wink, Stringify, Sonos… This is why I try and keep everything local. How many times are consumers willing to get burned by these companies before they stand up and say no, I’m not going to buy your product that is dependent on your cloud. Keeping your system out of the cloud is the safest option, as well as cheaper as you’re not having to replace products that were bricked by the manufacturer. ‘No Hub Required’ is not a selling feature.

  8. Little Mountain Life says:

    So what do you recommend for wyze smart homes? Just stick to their native app?

  9. Witold Grabowski says:

    Looks like we need some kind of standard to communicate between different branches. I see no future for home automation stuff if there would not be a standard of data exchange.

  10. Carlos Arroyo says:

    I finally had enough of Ifttt. I set it up to work with wyze cams and location services. The goal was to turn off my indoor cams when I was home and turn them back on when I left. I made sure Ifttt was running in the background at all times as well as my wifi to be on for better location service. The cams would turn on while i was home and sometimes i would leave and the cams that were set to turn on would not. I love the idea of automation for this as I can forget to do it myself. I was able to get it working sometimes but it became more frustrating. I recently got a wyze band so its a little bit easier to set the different rules withing the wyze app. I would have preferred to use the ifttt app but its consistency of activation was a big problem.

  11. kushdeep singh says:

    The funny thing is none of the big players is taking a big leap just small steps and prices still keep consumers away.

  12. prosper yp says:

    I do not know,why on the ifttt for wyze ,u can not select the sensor that work for particular pharse,any body know why,thanks

  13. prosper yp says:

    I have a question,why my wyze contact sensors and motion sensors,always offline,I have to reset many times a week,any body have any ideas,thanks

  14. Andy P says:

    I wouldn’t trust Google to keep any service alive. Just look at how much stuff they sunset. The major problem with Google, Apple, et al is that they want to control the entire ecosystem and thus revenue. Until they stop with that me-me-me-me attitude we’re going nowhere fast. We need stuff that we can integrate ourselves – if Google don’t make presence detection then it should be trivial for me to add my device that monitors presence – I shouldn’t need to just through 2000 hoops to do so.

  15. Cy says:

    Thank you, at last some one explains what IFTTT is useful for. I got sick of reading “IFTTT connects all your devices & services”, a generic uninformative statement that could apply to anything (WiFi, Bluetooth, a cable….). So IFTTT is mainly about IoT and social networks, which I avoid, so not much use for me.

  16. Martin Robertson says:

    It appears that Tuya Smart Life has now been added to the Samsung Smartthings ecosystem as a supported range of devices. This now means that it has the ability to be hosted locally in the ST Hub

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