The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case? Logitech Folio Touch 11″ Review

The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case? Logitech Folio Touch 11" Review Science & Technology

Logitech’s New Folio Touch Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro 11″ keeps the iPad safe while also giving it a fully-featured keyboard and trackpad! The keyboard is backlit, connects through the smart connector, and allows you to retain all functionality of the iPad Pro!

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0:00 – Logitech Folio Touch Review
0:08 – Opening Thoughts & Pricing
1:27 – Function Keys Row!
1:48 – Size Compared to Apple’s Magic Keyboard
1:55 – Folio Touch Material is Great!
2:36 – User Workflow
2:56 – Drawing and Different Angles
4:06 – Removing the Folio Touch
4:21 – Closer Look at The Case
4:40 – Folio Touch vs The Magic Keyboard on 11″ iPad Pro
5:19 – Magic Keyboard Lap Balancing
6:15 – Putting/Removing a Skin on a Magic Keyboard
7:10 – Logitech Folio Touch on Lap (B-Roll)
8:04 – Typing While Holding Folio Touch and Magic Keyboard
8:25 – Ending Remarks

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The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case? Logitech Folio Touch 11″ Review – Video published on YouTube by Daniel Romero:

20 thoughts on “The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case? Logitech Folio Touch 11″ Review

  1. Eriko Tanto says:

    hopefully they release it for the 12.9 inch, really need this case

  2. MARTIN A1 says:

    I’ve got to broken case Logitech cases at home …both lasted less than 3 months…

  3. Ven Madalogdog says:

    3:42 – 10 years from now (2030) and covid is gone… still using the 2020 logitech keyboard ?

  4. elisabeth santonocito says:

    Honestly I’ve been playing around with it for the past few days and i love it. Like you said the material is bomb i really didn’t expect it,and also i love how adjustable it is especially when I spend 6 hours a day using the Apple Pencil. I really love it 🙂

  5. shuichi says:

    I really hope they come out with more colors or a black version of this case in the future

  6. polina Buvaylo says:

    Is using the Apple Pencil comfortable when the keyboard is folded back?

  7. Derrick Ball says:

    Trust me when I tell you, “You get what you pay for!” I went through 2 aftermarket keyboards before purchasing the magic keyboard for my 11inch pro. In all i will say 4 keyboards because I had to replace the Zag Rugged Pro twice. The Magic Keyboard is indeed an investment that hasn’t let me down. I use it daily on the go as a police officer and a full time student. Get the Magic Keyboard… You’re welcome… ?

  8. Samiul Islam says:

    Waiting for this to come to Canada. Any ideas when?! Love my iPad but not having a keyboard is a disgrace.

  9. Gastro Cook says:

    “Use it on a plane to watch movies in 10 years when Covid is gone” LOL, ? and much needed at this time. Also thanks for letting us know about this upgraded Logitech. I have used the SlimCombo for years but this one looks even better!! Hope you enjoy your flight whenever you next get the chance!! Great ? video.

  10. Xせすしゅまる says:

    I want a Logitech folio keyboard made in the same design as the magic keyboard

  11. Mc_Maex says:

    i love the keyboard 🙂 but the keyboard light didnt work :/ so i sent it back to get a new one

  12. jaspal kallar says:

    Nice review with some unique perspectives compared to similar other Youtube reviews, Thanks.  
    Question: does the Folio Touch keyboard add much weight when used in tablet mode? If so then it’s perhaps a non starter for me

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