The best 2020 Soundbars Reviewed The Gadget Show

The best 2020 Soundbars Reviewed The Gadget Show Science & Technology

Jon’s got his hands on three of the latest soundbars which promise to bring high-end cinematic sound to your living room. To watch full episodes from our latest series, go to My5 –

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The best 2020 Soundbars Reviewed The Gadget Show – Video published on YouTube by The Gadget Show:

15 thoughts on “The best 2020 Soundbars Reviewed The Gadget Show

  1. John sweda says:

    What’s the point of a soundbar waste of time and money and are rubbish

  2. vaw power says:

    Well, the LG you can connect extra speakers. The vizio if you take away those extra speakers would be flat compeared to the LG bar to bar. Once again another scewed test.

  3. And Coat says:

    I used to love this show but it’s all flagship sh!t now. Nothing new or exciting it’s lame TBF. I could have done the same test better results at half the price with more functionality… Logitech 5.1 surround sound system £100 up.

  4. Akali says:

    Why compare a bar with physical rears to the pure sound bars? Secondly, why not test the top of the range Yamaha sound bar?

  5. Ali Hadi says:

    Where has the promised Sonos Arc review gone and where does the Sonos sit in the hierarchy of these soundbars?

  6. Jon Seaweey says:

    Hi dear Jon are you going to put the Sonos sound bar to the test please ?

  7. ricardoroberto100 says:

    If you cannot fit a dedicated amp and speakers then a soundbar is the next best thing but I dont understand why people buy nice big TV’s then play the sound through the cheap tinny onboard speakers. You need the full frequency range.

  8. Louis Dorato says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I love Leanna, and wish that she and I were friends.

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