Testing Four Phone Gadgets

Testing Four Phone Gadgets Howto & Style

Today I’m testing out four phone accessories to see how they really work.

Get ’em:
• iFlex: theiflex.com or https://geni.us/iflex
• Magnetic Cable (The model I bought is not longer available but these are similar): https://geni.us/mag-cables
• Screen Magnifier: https://geni.us/screenmag
• Pocket Tripod Pro: pocket-tripod.com (These are not on Amazon, so you beware of cheap counterfeits there)

Further Viewing:
• Review that includes Desk Call: https://youtu.be/wNegKLchZ-s
• Review that includes Red Shield: https://youtu.be/D0Fg1LW7M3w

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera: https://geni.us/a6400-fr
• Main Lens: https://geni.us/sigma-fr
• 2nd Camera: https://geni.us/rx100v-fr
• Lapel Mic: https://geni.us/lapelmic-fr
• Audio Recorder: https://geni.us/frzoomh1
• Some of my top picks on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DJCTFW

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Testing Four Phone Gadgets – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dJdg43zBAE

20 thoughts on “Testing Four Phone Gadgets

  1. Dreadjaws says:

    Man, that Pocket Tripod looks really versatile. The price is kinda high, but it does seem to reflect on the build quality and versatility. I assume it’d be much cheaper if it didn’t include all those adapters. But then again you might have to buy a new one when changing phones, or for other devices, like tablets.

  2. ITSJBTV says:

    Hey James, hope you and the family are doing great!! Another awesome video. On the magnetic charging cables, I have a couple of them myself, the entire cable lights up kind of has the affect of seeing the charge going into the phone, one is blue and one is red. They do work great however, if you need your phone a certain way, you need a little extra cable away from the phone or it will kind of bend the magnetic parts apart. You need approx. an inch or so to make the cable stay straight away from the phone to prevent that from happening.

  3. Bruce Coleman says:

    For the magnetic cable, does it change as fast as a standard cable, and does it pass data as well?

  4. Holly Y says:

    Can you test them shower heads that supposedly make the pressure higher? They have Little Rock’s or something in them!
    Love your videos!!

  5. rawkthefawkon says:

    Magnetic chargers are the best! Use them on most of my devices. Excellent for the Oculus Quest!

  6. Wolf Bronski says:

    does the magnetic charger charge at full speed? I have a multi-headed charger thing and a warning comes up telling me that ‘your device is slow-charging’ or something like that

  7. BrianBCG says:

    That iFlex looked pretty wavy and bent up just from your small amount of testing, wonder how it would hold up over time.

  8. Dexy83 says:

    Those of us who have phones without a headset connector spot couldn’t use the magnetic cables.

  9. Nick Combs says:

    I need a magnetic cable that has high-speed charging, but otherwise it would be nice for preventing pocket lint getting into the port.

  10. The Paralyzed Army says:

    If you leave the magnetic connector phone piece in your phone or any device, be very careful. If you drop the device and it breaks apart the magnetic connector, you could end up breaking it off and having the piece stuck inside. ended up happening when i was charging my headset and ended up destroying the charging port. it just slipped off the table and landed on the charging piece.

  11. Rod Farva says:

    OMG those sunglasses. I almost spit out my coffee when I saw those! Not sure who you’re trying to imitate in that back seat scene with those FuManChu glasses but they make an awesome gag gift

  12. David Light says:

    Biggest advantage to the magnetic cables is one can’t for all devices be it iOS old android new android etc just buy extra plug ends and use one cable for everything

  13. Ivan Petrov says:

    The screen magnifier (love the wooden look) is a Fresnel lens – you’re right, these are grooves. It’s basically the outside curve of a normal lens, broken into sections and laid out on a flat surface – they can be really powerful (as in burn wood in seconds with the right one).

  14. Steve M says:

    There’s an item used to change oil in cars similar to the iflex. It’s called a pig funnel.

  15. James k says:

    imagine your on a plane and someone drapes that pink phone holder into ur head space lol

  16. tony Recca says:

    Only thing about amazon ratings most are rated by employees. So take their reviews with a grainy if salt

  17. Steve M says:

    That tripod looks like a ridiculous amount of work just for the privilege of buying their product. You can accomplish it much easier with a $5 pop socket and buy 6 of them for that price

  18. Auto Young says:

    I used those magnetic charging cables like 8-10 years ago for awhile and they were cool at first but then you remember you always have to have that particular cable on you so you’re forced to buy multiples so you have one for home, the car, work, and whatever else. They work well and are cool but from my experience the novelty wears off quickly and you’ll eventually end up back to a normal cable…

  19. Said Chammas says:

    For people with wireless headphones, this is probably a good product as it makes charging easier *and* keeps dust out to reduce wear

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