Testing 4 Weird Drink Gadgets

Testing 4 Weird Drink Gadgets Howto & Style

Today I’m testing out four drink gadgets to see if they really work: Chill-O-Matic, Tapi, Magic Tap, and a beer Chiller Stick.

Get ’em:
• Chill-O-Matic: https://geni.us/chillomatic
• Tapi: https://geni.us/tapi-fr
• Magic Tap: https://geni.us/magictap
• Beer Chiller Stick: The model I used is not on Amazon but this is close: https://geni.us/chillerstick

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera: https://geni.us/a6400-fr
• Main Lens: https://geni.us/sigma-fr
• 2nd Camera: https://geni.us/rx100v-fr
• Lapel Mic: https://geni.us/lapelmic-fr
• Audio Recorder: https://geni.us/frzoomh1
• Some of my top picks on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DJCTFW

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Testing 4 Weird Drink Gadgets – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLJGmxXywes

20 thoughts on “Testing 4 Weird Drink Gadgets

  1. djfusion83 says:

    How cold would the can get it you put the chill-O-matic in the freezer while it’s working????????????????

  2. Steven Bradley says:

    Chill o matic….I just had a patentable idea !!! How about putting your drink in the freezer for 15 – 30 mins ? ?

  3. D Lighted says:

    If you put some water in there along with the ice it will get even colder. Is that whining a routine or do you subject your family to it every day????

  4. roy vincent says:

    seriously who the hell takes a hr to drink a beer.andd if you had spun the drink in the ice warer it would have been a lot colder not really a fair test to see as both the product and the other hack spun the drink

  5. Vaustick says:

    “I accidentally hit that and got juice all over my hand”

    Yea sure… where did you get your acting skills? As seen on TV ads?

  6. Tin Can says:

    the magic tap has a submerged dc pump, the issue with this is they dont like viscous liquids or being run dry…. given the length of the tube, this might be a problem, running them dry for abit will kill them, and kids might not notice when pouring say milk. plus clenliness, while the pump stays submerged, the upper portion doesnt, so milk crusties will probably dry up and buildup in the spout portion over days of use and make for some unwanted chunky surprises…. plus youre not supposed to leave those types of pumps submerged constantly… im going to assume it works for awhile, but given the pump, probably break down once you really get into the grove of using it… so just long enough for a positive review. thats the case with alot of gimmicky things, they work, but they are like toys, so they are not built to last, nor are the parts being used, being used correctly in this device…. there is a reason they dont have milk on tap, imagine how nasty that tap would get when closed, youd be better off pouring, since youd have to clean it daily unless youre a fan of floaties. sounds good on paper, just makes less sense in practice. its solving a problem that doesnt exist, theres a reason noone uses things like these…

    if you really need all your liquids on tap, get those cheap walmart reusable 1-2.5 gallon tap jugs, it just has to pour out of the wide spout, less surface area for buildup, so not worse than the milk jug cap…. why do you need this fancy, unreliable in design, electronic toy, when you can just flip the jug on its head and put a spout on it, aka those dispenser jugs you can get. cheaper, much more reliable, no parts can fail, and you can get abunch of them for cheap.

    and the chiller stick makes no sense, if you have time to freeze a stick for hours, and wait 10 minutes for it to chill your beer….. you might as well either A put it in the fridge for an hour because whats the point plopping a frozen dildo into your beer, especially when alot of beers are nearly full, meaning it would displace warm beer, so you have to drink it warm first…. or B a wet paper towel wrapped around a bottle in the ice dispenser for 10 mins in the freezer is a much more effective and less messy and faster way.

    not to be a downer or anything, i enjoy these videos to see products like these, novelty stuff that is sometimes genious, and other times decieving or a downright scam.

  7. THE superdak says:

    After I tried the ChillOMatic hack: “Welp I saved $25 but I can’t feel my fingers…”

  8. Enoch Bird says:

    I think the chill o magic is better than the hacks because it’s less hands on than the hacks.

  9. Greg L says:

    Magic Tap just needs an on/off switch on the top. Kinda ridiculous that it doesn’t. Congrats on the 500K subs.

  10. Blaire Shoe says:

    15:23 – 15:59 (end) is just black, something go wrong in upload maybe?
    Thanks for the reviews!

  11. Sargridssen Fjkilioma says:

    This guy looks like he’s always late on child support payments.

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