Teckin Smart Plug Review – WORKS WITH GOOGLE HOME

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I’m very into Xiaomi smart home tech but now I’m opening up to try google home smart devices. And the Teckin smart plug is the first. I tried this for more than a month. The connection is stable and reliable. I have 6 of these that I run a schedule with to turn on and off. So far I LOVE IT!

Teckin Smart Plug
Amazon SG – https://amzn.to/3el3Fm9
Amazon USA – https://amzn.to/3el3Fm9

0:18 unboxing
0:43 installation
1:41 demo
2:02 smart life app
2:36 how I use it
3:19 good and bad

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Teckin Smart Plug Review - WORKS WITH GOOGLE HOME
Teckin Smart Plug Review – WORKS WITH GOOGLE HOME – Video published on YouTube by MADS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzLmKt-ptCQ

11 thoughts on “Teckin Smart Plug Review – WORKS WITH GOOGLE HOME

  1. HGST says:

    I bought the square ones. Also using smart life or Tuya app. It has buildin energy meter. My Zigbee Xiaomi smart plugs are mainly to expand the Zigbee signals. Btw you can also find smart extension sockets together with usb outlets. You can control each individual sockets.

  2. Ahmad Nazir Afiq says:

    If you have Raspberry Pi with Homebridge installed, you can have these Smart Life plugs show up in Apple Home app. Much much faster to control

  3. stanley tan says:

    don’t say “hey google goodnight” in your future video please. it activates my routine. Great review nonetheless!

  4. Joshua Yew says:

    I found some on lazada and have been using them great bought 5 one spoiled but the rest works great for about 6 months now and they cost RM20 and i set them on a timer and can now turn on and off the aquarium/ coral reef lights and living room lights/ bedroom lights all from a widget or voice command and connect under socket (wifi) selection

  5. A lain af Photo & Vlog says:

    curious I do not see the utility of that, or a robot which makes services for you, surely for a handicapped person It can be useful

  6. Wong Jian Ming says:

    Was in the market for some smart plugs, saw your vid and went out to get these the very next day. Tried it out and it works great!

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