TCL 10L Smart Phone Review (2 Minute Review)

TCL 10L Smart Phone Review (2 Minute Review) Science & Technology

The TCL 10L is a budget Android smartphone by the popular TV maker. Since there is already an abundance of lengthy and detailed video reviews of this phone, here’s a 2-minute quick review, with just the most important facts:
(1) This phone was $249.99 new and unlocked. (To buy a similar unlocked USED iPhone xr would have cost over $400…) I placed my order at 1:42 PM on a Sunday and thanks to Amazon Prime, it was delivered by 3:00 PM on Monday!
(2) With T-Mobile, upgrading from my old Android phone (a 2017 Motorola) was a breeze. First, I used the built-in Google backup on my old phone. Next, I moved the nano SIM chip. Finally, I signed in to the TCL with my Google account. It brought over text messages, contacts, call history, and apps. (I did have to sign in to a few apps and re-establish Bluetooth connections on the new phone, but for the most part the upgrade was trouble-free.). And, most importantly, I didn’t have to call or talk to anyone to do it!
(3) Included in the box was a charger, USB Type C cable, plastic case, instruction sheet, and a pre-installed screen protector.
(4) The display is very clear, and clearly the most prominent feature of this phone. There’s a “NxtVision” app that lets you control various parameters about it. All I did was increase the brightness a bit before shooting this video.
(5) There’s a separate physical button which can be programmed to do various things. I have mine currently set to toggle the flashlight on a single-click, start a timer on double-click, and record video on a long-press.
(6) Battery life is excellent, under normal use I can easily go without charging overnight.
(7) By default the camera is set to only 1080P video, which can be changed in settings. Also, you can go to “high pixel” mode in the photo settings to enable the 48MP camera mode.
(8) By default, the Android back and task buttons were reversed – but this was easy to fix under settings.

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