Smartphone Awards 2020

Smartphone Awards 2020 Science & Technology

The Best of Smartphones in 2020!
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0:00 Intro
1:42 Best Big Smartphone
4:08 Best Compact Smartphone
6:18 Best Camera Phone
8:28 Best Battery
10:10 The Design Award
14:20 Best Budget Phone
16:56 Bust of the Year
18:44 Most Improved Award
20:52 Phone of the Year

iPhone 12 mini Review:
iPhone 12 Pro Max Review:
Asus ROG Phone III Review:
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review:
Google Pixel 4A Review:
Galaxy Note 20 Review:
Galaxy Fold 2 Review:
Galaxy S20 FE Review:

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Smartphone Awards 2020 – Video published on YouTube by Marques Brownlee:

20 thoughts on “Smartphone Awards 2020

  1. 1q3er5 says:

    marques why do you like glass so much – it’s worse in every way for phone backs compared to plastic except for “premium feel” plastic or faux leather is lighter, thinner etc…

  2. 18 Football says:

    I was just commenting that why hasn’t he mentioned S20 FE , just then He announced it as the MVP . ?

  3. Anthony Nasasira says:

    I like it when you quote Eminem, “Sit back relax” in fact grab a six pack

  4. Mohd Rafey says:

    I hate apple… I don’t own any apple device.. Yet I know Apple are miles ahead now.

  5. Praetorian 61 says:

    Marquees didnt get any Marks from OnePlus thus no mention of OP. Very objective 🙂

  6. MuffinFighter says:

    Lol I didn’t expect to see the S20 FE as the smartphone of the year. I just bought it for my sister

  7. Bob Obb says:

    The ultra thin design trend on phones I thought was always a little ridiculous. My car key fob is thicker than my phone. Just make the phones thicker and add more features.

  8. Suryakanta Pattanaik says:

    Huawei would have topped in every category…if US had not banned it.

  9. Dat Gamer Wolf says:

    Great video! the reviews were solid and the video itself was shot so professionally. good work!

  10. Neetop says:

    Yo Marqs, how much does Apple pay monthly in terms of sponsoring? If you can’t talk in absolute values, just %wise will be good, to give us an idea.

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