Smart Home Automation Challenge – Budget vs Expensive

Smart Home Automation Challenge - Budget vs Expensive Science & Technology

In this video, I will show you a few automations that I set up, both on a low and high budget. Now I can get alerts when my washer is done, and my lights flash when the doorbell rings.

If you’re dealing with a smart home problem, I can help. I’m ready to tackle your home automation ideas, so make sure to send one in using the form below.

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20 thoughts on “Smart Home Automation Challenge – Budget vs Expensive

  1. Smart Home Solver says:

    Ready to challenge my smart home skills? Submit your automation idea at this link:

  2. Reynold Allan says:

    Nice vid.
    I’ve got the smarthings plug/hubitat/echo speaks notifications, as well as light color notifications for my washer. Can’t figure out my dryer. Tried the vibration sensor, but the washing machine caused it to go off too. : (

  3. KnightOf LightOfficial says:

    For the washer just set a wait time of the length it takes to wash your clothes and have Alexa announce washer is finished blink lights, turn radio on and off etc. And do the same with your dryer

  4. Mark S says:

    Yes I was hoping you would do this mini series! Your channel is the best on YouTube and I hope your increasing sub count reflects that.


    Great video, I haven’t thought of the smart plug for the washer alerts. Gotta try this. I have already linked my ring doorbell to smartthings and I have a smartbulb that blinks. I then set my smartlock to have the bulb return to previous state when I unlock the door. Keep up the great work!

  6. Andrew Trinh says:

    What a top bloke Reed! Love the ending of the video, keep it up!??

  7. Mona S. says:

    I don’t have any ideas in mind to submit on your form, but I sure would love to see more videos like this one!

  8. Marc André says:

    I would like to see the best automations for temperature control. Smart thermostat/AC controls / fan / outside temperature

  9. keybored101 says:

    Great idea, I’m going to copy a lot of the submissions for sure

  10. James on Stuff says:

    “This is where the more expensive bulbs really shine” – sheer brilliance!

  11. Dana Scott says:

    Literally just sat down to watch this video with my husband and 39 seconds in, my husband exclaims – I have to empty the washer and load the dryer. I now know that we will be trying a budget automation solution!

  12. NateB says:

    “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”
    I also liked the full stack of dryer sheets 🙂
    You covered my biggest one. The Eufy not working well with triggering other things, especially Google Home 🙁 I keep feeling tempted to switch to Alexa. Worth it? Though might be doubling down with a Google Home Max with it’s Auto-framing video calling feature (like FB portal, but I’d prefer to not have a portal haha).
    Fun video as always!

  13. Jorge Rodriguez says:

    I love this home automation videos, however I think a better way to automate is to have a separate network for all of this smart devices, and use some cheap automation equipment to control other features on the house. It is sad because smart devices are very good, but network security is very vulnerable to be hacked with these smart devices.

  14. Josh Newman says:

    I have this exact automation in WebCore with the power plug for the washer. It is working great for me! Any ideas for the dryer? Mine uses the big 240v plug.

  15. Lawrence Huang Xiao Long says:

    Do we have any app pairing with any device that can control everything in a house?

  16. ZoEy 101 channel says:

    I use automation a lot smart life wanted to ask something what automation motion sensor can I use for the lightS I have them in 99 % in my rooms so was just wondering thx bud

  17. KrispKiwi says:

    I have the broadlink mini controlling my tvs turning on and off, sadly I can’t put them in the same Alexa category as if I say Alexa turn the living room off, it will turn the tv on if it wasn’t and vice versa.

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