Smart Beauty Tools – Tried and Tested: EP177

Smart Beauty Tools - Tried and Tested: EP177 Entertainment

Shu An reviews products like an app-connected smart mask device, 360 rotating electric toothbrush, color-changing Beautyblender and more!

Product Info:

Giggo 360 Two-Way Rotating Toothbrush

Beautyblender Shadeshifter Wave

Steam Gel Nail Remover Machine


STEAM Nail Polish REMOVER ? If you've ever had gel nail polish, either you did it yourself or got them professionally done, you know that it takes some time to take off the gel polish and there is a process. Here is a device that uses acetone steam to remove your nail polish. The steam nail polish is so easy, quick, and convenient. I'm shocked with the results. LIKE & FOLLOW: Milabu

Posted by Milabu on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Etude House My Beauty Tool Jellyfish Silicone Brush

Aura Instant Makeup Remover Pads

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Smart Beauty Tools – Tried and Tested: EP177 – Video published on YouTube by Clicknetwork:

20 thoughts on “Smart Beauty Tools – Tried and Tested: EP177

  1. Kpop0223 says:

    I just bought the Halo Beauty makeup remover pads and they look almost identical. I hope they work as well!

  2. Deborah Walker says:

    Her accent is killing me! She literally sounds like a girl from a Caribbean island I haven’t been to yet so I can’t place her! 0:25 in ?

  3. i_wakeup_4_makeup says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen your face in a while! I don’t get your notifications anymore 🙁 but I must ask…what have you done with your hair?!? It’s absolutely so shiny and beautiful!! I’d love a hair and skincare routine from you!!!!!! Please? 😉 ??

  4. jeNOJAEMin says:

    How do you clean the Aura instant makeup remover? Just washing it with soap?

  5. Shobi Pillai says:

    the aura makeup remover pad looks exactly the same as the Face Halo, the OG makeup remover pad

  6. Hanka Daffy says:

    I was interested in UFO but its hard to say, there are 5* reviews or 1* reviews nothing between. But the prize of the product..yeeek soo much money too much
    so I took a look after a similiar item and find UFO device at aliexpres for 1/5 price and the masks also
    here are the links

    and masks

    maybe ill try it for this money- still a little bit pricey but its acceptable

  7. sturk58 says:

    I have that face cleaning pads. You can get if for very cheap from aliexpress

  8. Sellennaaa says:

    I paused the video and bought the steam remover immediately. Thanks ShuAn!

  9. Natalie the pink cashmere says:

    I wonder why she pretends that she uses the UFO for the first time when she obviously have used the other UFO on the shelf lol

  10. mamitaro24 says:

    I always use warm water for my beauty blender??‍♀️ but I don’t need to be reminded to wet the beauty blender…. ?lmao

  11. hilmir says:

    The last item (Pink Silicone Brush) is abit abrasive because it is actually meant for exfoliation. (Etude House, My Beauty Tool, Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush)

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