Smart Apartment Setup – 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move

Smart Apartment Setup - 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move Science & Technology

If you want the best smart apartment tech, you’re in the right place. I’ll go through an entire smart apartment setup and share automation ideas. This video focuses on what’s easy to move and won’t cause any damage to the walls. You may be surprised at all of the possibilities with this minimalist setup!

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Ring Peephole Cam and Amazon Smart Plug for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

Smart Apartment Setup - 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move
Smart Apartment Setup – 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move – Video published on YouTube by Smart Home Solver:

20 thoughts on “Smart Apartment Setup – 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move

  1. Smart Home Solver says:

    Thanks for watching! You all have been submitting some great automation ideas from the last video. I can’t wait to start making videos about them!

  2. Thomas Zajicek says:

    Great video as always, i would not recommend the amazon plugs. after a year all of mine keep power cycling and to refresh them you need to basically factory reset and rename them. super irritating.

  3. Paul Radawski says:

    Great video! Funny how I have most of these but can’t find time to have them automated as you advised

  4. Tristan Burgener says:

    This is perfect! We’re about to move into another apartment. So far all I have is a Nest thermostat and some Tp Link smart plugs. These are great ideas

  5. Delali says:

    There’s something about smart things i cant get enough of. Just when i think i’ve seen the coolest i come across nicer ones. hahaha…..always great watching your videos. Keep em coming.

  6. Nikki J Show says:

    So excited!! Found your channel last week and I have binged watched them all. Super helpful!

  7. TheIronWaffle says:

    I really enjoy these videos. During lockdown I’ve done a lot of “smart house” stuff for sanity sake. To maximize what I can do, I’ve kept a budget on each purchase. Some recommendations for budget and/or apartment people: Sengled has a 4 pack of color bulbs with a hub that is normally $120 but is often $69 on amazon and Best Buy. I’ve bought four sets (which I run through their app since it has some effects there) and control using Alexa.

    I also spotted a crazy deal on Eco Smart tune-able white bulbs at Home Depot: $6/pair. For me, they were perfect for adding smart lights to my laundry, storage and bathrooms. I suspect these are being blown out/discontinued so it’s YMMV. I also just bought a Gosund power strip with 3 outlets that are all Alexa-enabled and 3 USB (with one being Alexa enabled) for $18 ($20 minus an Amazon coupon).

    Everything above works with SmartThings (though, as I stated I run Sengled through their hub instead) . About Sengled: I only dipped my toe into their stuff about four months ago but have been very pleased. I was setting up an apartment for a family member and liked it so much that it got me to expand my stale, five-year-old smart stuff. For her apartment I also bought a pair of their light switch covers. These can be stuck over existing switches using included 3M and are great for people who either don’t want to use a hockey puck assistant or who still want switches. If I weren’t trapped at home all the time I might get some switches for myself, but talking to Alexa is sometimes the only talking I do in a day!

    I’m sure none of this lives up to LIFX, Hue, etc. but for those starting out, on a budget, or cheap (like me!), this can add a lot of convenience and distraction. With that, if anyone asks, I can hunt down links to what I bought. Oh, and don’t forget to track prices on if you want or need to really stretch that dollar so you can be alerted to price drops.

    Stay safe.

  8. SCKORHAL says:

    Hey Reed. I love all of these ideas and automations. Although as someone who doesn’t experiment with SmartThings or Echo automations I become lost when you’re talking about them. Have you considered a “How I do things, from step one to the end” style tutorial? A very long in depth kind of video covering all the bases for beginners.

  9. Amine Hechehouche says:

    GREAT video. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I assume the TECKIN bulbs work with SmartThings? I was going to do Slyvana for the Zigbee control but would love it if TECKIN could work.

  10. amaan habib says:

    I was literally waiting for this video just moved into my new apartment

  11. Dave M says:

    Thanks so much for this! You’ve given me some awesome ideas for my apartment that I’m sure to love… and will probably annoy my girlfriend, but that’s ok! ??

  12. CannabisCultureTechLife says:

    Started making my apartment smart when the maintenance guy for our building unlocked my door and started coming in, mistaking my apartment for another. Thanks for another great vid!

  13. BenderTube says:

    It’s like you’re reading my mind. Or you’ve seen the inside of my apartment… Did I accidentally share my Wyze cams with you? ?

  14. Walter Deans says:

    How do remember what was controlled by what, having so many smart devices (Alexa, Smart things, Google home, etc)?

    I wanna make it easier for my family to use routines or voice commands, but I can’t figure out that part.


  15. Sarscio Verwey says:

    Should I get an Echo+ or a smartrhings bridge? I’m just getting into automation and I’m really digging Alexa. This is my last dilemmas before I join your world.

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