Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Science & Technology

The Smart Clock Essential brings the convenience of a dedicated clock and the smart features of Google Assistant right to your nightstand!
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential:
Lenovo Smart Clock:

Video Chapters:
00:00 Smart Clock Essential intro
02:52 Setup in Google Home app
04:42 On-device buttons
05:28 Setting Alarms
09:28 Weather Indicator
09:54 Device Settings
17:07 Night Light
18:29 Screen Brightness
19:46 Speaker Comparison
21:35 Final Features
23:54 OG Alarm Comparison

I purchased the Lenovo Alarm Clock Essential for this video.

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Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential – Video published on YouTube by Tech With Brett:

20 thoughts on “Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

  1. Tech With Brett says:

    This is the perfect little Google Assistant speaker for any nightstand. Would it help you save some room and replace an old alarm clock?

  2. Dávid Kováč says:

    Hey Brett , I can’t find the Lenovo original speaker with display anywhere online, is it discontinued?

  3. Tkarbo says:

    How did you get the weather icon to appear, just got one and it doesn’t show it . Only the temperature

  4. SleepyVampireBoy kunal says:

    I was considering this or the echo show 5 and ended up getting the echo. Though this is a pretty great clock.

  5. Chris Chapman says:

    Nice review Brett. One question though, can you change the temperature to Celsius?

  6. kyfeam says:

    what about snooze.. do you only have to say snooze? does it have a snooze function?

  7. Allen Schuenke says:

    The Nest Mini and the Lenovo Smart Clock together sound really good together

  8. tropolite says:

    Ohh No Thanks. Google has too much information about me that I care for them to have.

  9. Alec Ver Bunker says:

    Remember when digital clocks were kinda new and you could put a battery in them to keep the time incase the power went out? Lenovo should do the same just with a rechargable built in.

  10. B-9 M-3 says:

    If you lose either power or internet it will fail to alarm, so this fails as an actual alarm clock that you can rely on to wake you up.

  11. Bob Bridges says:

    Great video! But is there a snooze button? Or can we snooze the alarm with voice?

  12. Bill P says:

    Well, you convinced me that I needed one of the essentials, thanks. BTW I noticed that you are subscribed to a number of music apps. I’m an old fart that’s primary taste is the 60s-80-s music and classical from time to time and country for the GF. Do you have a preference?

  13. Dillon Trausi says:

    ok i love the clock i have the screen one but it seems like when i tell the alarm to stop the morning routine doesn’t start and i have it checked does that happen too anyone else

  14. Ron Lam says:

    Hi Brett! Was wondering if it is possible to pair a device to both Amazon and Google, say a video doorbell that is both Amazon and Google enabled. I have both at home and was wondering if anyone has tried it before. Appreciate the advice. Thanks!

  15. Sharice Brown says:

    Hey Tech with Brett. Have you thought about reviewing the Philips Hue Gradient light strip with the Philips Hue sync box? I would love to get your thoughts and opinions on that setup for the ultimate movie experience on your Samsung TV.

  16. Roger Smith says:

    Is there a way to stop the night light from illuminating with the alarm?

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