Samsung Top Load Smart Washer & Dryer Review

Samsung Top Load Smart Washer & Dryer Review Entertainment

Giving my honest review of this smart gadget as of right now.

Samsung Top Load Smart Washer & Dryer Review – Video published on YouTube by Kicking it with Lynn:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Top Load Smart Washer & Dryer Review

  1. Jill’s Comfort Zone says:

    Hey Lynn!!! Those are nice Lynn. That has a lot of functions. I’m sure your gonna love it.

  2. All Things Lolli says:

    Loving that washer and dryer set. Lots of great functions. I love Samsung products. I have a Samsung set too. Came back to top loaders because I didn’t particularly care for front loaders. I understand about being tired of eating here. I get tired of eating too. Found myself forcing myself to eat. I hope you enjoy your new set. Take care.

  3. Step Wind NT 4 0 says:

    Hello Sis ain’t nothing like having a washing machine and dryer

  4. The Elliott Family of 7 says:

    Hey fam! Omg I love the washer & dryer! The pre-wash is everything!! My mom bought a Samsung washer and she loved it!! With hers she can only use Tide per the instructions. Is yours like that?

  5. infospot 411 says:

    I’m doing laundry today – perfect day to enjoy your review. Nice washer & Dryer.

  6. Dee Diets says:

    Now that’s what I call a nice washer and dryer and I hope you have many many many many years with it because these things break down so quickly but it looks nice to me Lynn.

  7. Creative Thinking says:

    Hello Lynn,
    I’m loving the new washer and dryer. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day. Fully watch video.?

  8. sWeeT’n sPiCy says:

    Hey sis coming to show love back! The set collection Look great .Thanks for sharing

  9. Ms T with the tea says:

    Looking good. I have a feeling my washer and dryer might be dying soon also

  10. Allens Ever After says:

    Wow so many options! I hear that they are very nice washers. I feel you with the peanut butter sandwiches? Sometimes you just want to eat something light? ✨New Friend here✨

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