Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review – The Tile Alternative with A Twist

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review - The Tile Alternative with A Twist Science & Technology

This Tile alternative has some unique and impressive features to make it worthy of a spot on your keychain! But what can it not do?
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Additional review notes:
Much like a Tile, this is a BLE 5.0 dongle
When the device is around, it can ring your phone or your phone can ring it
You can map the button to do other things
When it is not in range, you can see where it was last in seen or locate it with the Galaxy Find network

No water resistance rating
Button is actually just flexing plastic – no actuation or gaps, so waterproofing would be easy

Does it work with non Samsung phones? No. Only Samsung phones and tablets
S21 vs S21+ usage (UWB) – no difference for this one
Within the year, a Tag+ should be arriving and it will use UWB

Press the button to:
Control nearby devices (turn on a light)
Notify someone
Change location mode
Run scenes
Press and hold allows you to map to the same functions

Change the volume and ringtone
It would be great if you could set up a notification for when it is out of range

Battery level is indicated on phone
Battery is easily replaced with a standard CR2032 battery

Heart rate sensor:
(Polar H10 is known to be one of the most accurate in the industry and therefore acts as a great standard to which I compare smartwatch heart rate sensors)

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

My tripod:

My video editor:

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review – The Tile Alternative with A Twist

  1. Mike O'Brien says:

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  2. Raey says:

    Having an out of range notification is a must have to never forget your mask again

  3. Diego Galvan says:

    6:53 Use it in a situation of danger. Just press it and send a message
    asking for help

  4. Olaf van der Tier says:

    You could probably add a Bixby routine that warns you when the tag is moving away from another device?

  5. TwisT says:

    “eco system” is tech is just a nice way to say cagem, yeah everything is conveniently close and at hand because you are in a cage duh..

  6. Hrethgir says:

    “Only works with Samsung phones.” That’s when I completely stopped caring about this thing. Same reason I didn’t buy a Galaxy Watch 3. Almost bought it, until I found out ECG, Blood Pressure and I think Fall Detection only work with a Galaxy phone. Stop trying to be Apple, Samsung!

  7. utuberssuck says:

    Long story short – Its a smartthings button but with a hole for a keychain

  8. C S says:

    Actually I can think of many reasons why one would want to be able to send a quick message to someone with the push of a button. If an elderly person lives alone and suddenly doesn’t feel so good, pushing a button seems more convenient then picking up a phone. If you’re walking home alone at night and feel unsafe, a quick message could notify a friend to be on standby. Or you just want to get out of an uncomfortable situation by having someone call you. These are just worst case scenarios, I’m sure there are more reasons for everyday convenience.

  9. Richard Osborn says:

    Can they put this tech in the living room remote control! The couch monster has some elaborate mazes to find sometimes!

  10. Klust413 says:

    The Samsung only part even though I own a Samsung phone makes this a no go for me. I absolutely refuse to lock myself into any particular ecosystem. It’s a reason I left Apple, and won’t go back

  11. Dominik Harder says:

    The “notify someone” option might be good to notify the person who stole the thing with the smart tag attached to it?

  12. Ivar Iversen says:

    i think you forgot one big thing the tag doesn’t need your phone to be in range to ping it’s location to your phone, it can piggyback onto any galaxy in range (if i read the description right)

  13. Ty says:

    I think this being tied to samsung is less criminal than apple not letting air pods be fully used on Android unless you do alot of extra steps. And the apple watch just doesnt work with anything android.

  14. rjc0188 says:

    Well.. the apartment where I live is like 480 square feet and I don’t even have a couch, bookshelves, etc. So people in the same condition as me wouldn’t really need this lmao

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