Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tracker

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tracker Education

So Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is an all new affordable tracker that has a lot of useful features coming in around $30. In this video we are going to be reviewing and covering every aspect of Samsung’s Smart Tag and I’ll be sharing my experiences I’ve had with the device after some personal usage. We will also be taking a look at all of the software features that go along the SmartTag within the SmartThings app. Lastly we’ll talk about a couple negatives and I will give my final verdict on this new tile tracker from Samsung. Thanks for watching!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Unboxing
0:58 Close Look
1:22 Size Comparison
1:30 SmartTag Setup
2:13 SmartTag Features
2:45 SmartThings Features Overview
4:36 SmartTag Volume Test
4:47 SmartTag Ringtones
5:36 SmartTag Review
10:08 Outro

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tracker – Video published on YouTube by Shane Symonds:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tracker

  1. Shane Symonds says:

    A few details I missed in the video: the SmartTag uses a replaceable battery that will last around 280 days before it needs to be replaced. It is a 2032 battery which cost around $3 each.

    And this is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tracker, meaning it does not run on GPS but rather sends signals to nearby Galaxy devices to determine its location on the SmartThings Find app. If a Galaxy Device is within 130 yards of the SmartTag, it will show up on the map even if you’re miles away from your tracker.

    What are your thoughts on the Galaxy SmartTag? You can get one here if you’re interested ➡
    Thanks for watching!

  2. dean s says:

    Does it use 3g? Can I lose somthing out of my phones range and see it on Google.maos for example?

  3. votrue true says:

    Sorry I don’t get one thing… Is there GPS inside or just bluetooth? For example, if my dog run away to another city, can i see that in map part of app?

  4. Mark Lally says:

    What is the distance to find the tag? Could I use this to track and find a motorcycle if it is stolen

  5. Michael Milne says:

    Have you tested this on an Android device with SmartThings installed to confirm that it only works with Galaxy devices?

  6. Dave Wilson says:

    For the find-my-phone feature, will it cause the phone to ring loudly even if the phone is totally muted and vibration is turned off? I have my phone totally silent and vibration free 100% of the time. I heard there was way to set up a contact, such as my roommate, so that any call by them would bypass your current settings and ring with a ringtone even if the phone was muted. But I could never get that feature to work. I don’t misplace my phone often, but when I do, being able to find it by sound would be nice…

  7. 007007fred says:

    The most important thing you forgot to mention is a bad for life and the range of the device

  8. Stanley Richie says:

    hey, since you have it, i’d like to ask, can it work from long distance?
    Maybe for example i forgot my wallet or key on my friend house, can it locate from a far away?
    or is it only work if we have our device nearby

  9. Dilla W says:

    Hot vs Cold feature is great if you don’t want the sound of the tag to wake up a baby?

  10. Sheikh Mahad Jelani says:

    Is it connected to the phone through bluetooth? If my cat goes 1 km away from my home , can I track it. Does it has a GPS tracker?

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