Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Quiet down, speak up

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Quiet down, speak up Science & Technology

The Galaxy Buds Pro are the best truly wireless earbuds that Samsung has ever made — they bring more features and ANC to the old Galaxy Buds+ while taking some inspiration from the open-design Galaxy Buds Live. Does the combination of traditional earbud shape, active noise cancellation, and Samsung’s brand of ambient sound make up a great total package?

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Quiet down, speak up – Video published on YouTube by Joshua Vergara:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Quiet down, speak up

  1. Mr X says:


  2. Jijumon M says:

    Most other reviewers are saying that the sound quality and the mics are better than the competition but the ANC is not that great. Surprised to see your judgement.

  3. Wrcck says:

    Great vid, just missed hearing out what the call quality in a coffee shop and windy bus stop/ city walk situation would be like.

  4. Gonçalo Delgado says:

    Great video!
    But is the latency bearable? Because I don’t want to use them only to listen to music, but also for movies and YouTube. And watching videos with a latency, even if small, is not very enjoyable…
    Greetings from Portugal! ?

  5. Jesus K says:

    Nooooo, the cases are not the same. Don’t you see the lives and pro are different ear bids? You can’t swap the cases. Common-sense.

  6. Larry J Grabinger Jr says:

    Well done on the review. I just picked up a pair of the Galaxy Buds Pro. From my short time with my new buds your review is spot on. Anyone that might be interested in these units should heed your advice. I am using a Note 20 Ultra 5G. The set up and pairing was seamless. The audio quality is right down the middle. I appreciate the quality sound.

  7. Drumming with Usurper says:

    My s21 ultra is being delivered today and as a preorder bonus, I’m claiming the Buds Pro for free. Can’t wait to try them out.

  8. Yona Kim says:

    abracadabra ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 존나 웃기다!! 케이팝 덕후같으니라고~

  9. Chris Aguilar says:

    I had to return these because they simply don’t fit. They fall out super easily no matter what tips I use and they hurt me ears if they don’t fall out. Sound quality is amazing but useless since they don’t fit and are very uncomfortable. Don’t recommend if you have small ears.

  10. Marius Badanau says:

    I just received my S21 Ultra with the Buds Pro included yesterday. I set everything and checking out the quality of the sound, I used this link . I don’t know if it is my earbuds, but I noticed that, using the 360 Sound, or equalizer other than normal, they sound weird during the tests (both bass and highs), also using the noise canceling or voice detection, there are cracking noises, some distortion and the loudness is changing. Disabling all the processing produces good quality! I tried also the Huawei Freebuds Pro and they do not show the issues. If possible, please try this, you are more advanced than me, you have the ears and the tech needed for such tests. If true, we should notify Samsung, it should be possible to fix it all in the software. Thanks a lot!

  11. Ascher Lafayette says:

    I’ma wait till next ear and get the new buds, new phone, and maybe new watch all at once to have a full set

  12. Zeeshan Khan says:

    My earbuds pro…while just being connected to my phone not playing anything, anc off and ambient sound off.. drained 22 percent in 3 hours..took just 2 calls that’s all! Is this normal? How long should the buds last without playing music or anything while just being connected to my phone so that I can take calls ?

  13. homerrsw says:

    Been using this for almost a week,
    I like it more than sony’s earbuds

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