Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Better Than AirPods Pro?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Better Than AirPods Pro? Science & Technology

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro do ally have proper active noise cancellation. But how do they stack up against the AirPods Pro?

00:00 Intro
00:57 Unboxing
01:24 Setup & Seamless Connectivity
02:55 Design & Controls
03:38 Fit & Comfort
04:31 Intelligent Noise Cancellation
05:36 Sound Quality
06:52 Battery Life & Charging
07:21 Pricing & Availability
07:47 Are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Your GadgetMatch


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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Better Than AirPods Pro?

  1. Cluster says:

    Do they have pressure vents like the airpods pro, or are they only to reduce windnoise?

  2. PAUL MARSDEN SR says:

    I guess Samsung finally got it right. I have the buds + and I just got the Bose quiet comforts for Christmas. Great video. Stay safe brother ?.

  3. PandaDad says:

    Damn that thing is ugly, if they make a new one I hope they use they old galaxy buds plus design and add all the new features with better anc

  4. TheFabbening says:

    Sad how they couldn’t repeat the amazing battery life of the buds+. Sticking with my buds+ until the battery fails i guess

  5. Andre Cabell says:

    It’s me waiting for surgery. I will call you soon. Take care of Salvador Doggy. Tell Poopoo puppy baby I say hi.

  6. Christian Jiang says:

    Short, good review.
    Somehow I like the background and look always out the window. Hahaha I am curious what is out there. Can we go outside and you show me?

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