REVIEW: LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle – Add Flavors & Nutrition to Water? (Bluetooth)

REVIEW: LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle - Add Flavors & Nutrition to Water? (Bluetooth) Science & Technology

LifeFuels Smart Bottle – Healthy Beverage Infuser w. Tracking App
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Personal beverages that taste great, created by revolutionary technology.
THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART NUTRITION BOTTLE – Turns ordinary water into a drink packed with natural flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients.
NO MORE SINGLE USE PLASTIC BOTTLES – Make up to 90 beverages from 3 Pods stored in the base. Fill the vessel up with water, dispense, mix, and enjoy.
PERSONALIZED BEVERAGES – Adjust flavor and select the number of Shots you want to dispense. Swipe to dispense. Choose from an ever expanding lineup of Pods with natural flavors and added functional ingredients such as electrolytes, energy, antioxidants, daily wellness, etc.
HYDRATION TRACKING ELEVATED – Unlock the Bottle’s full potential with the LifeFuels App. From dynamically tracking hydration and consumption, to goal setting and personalized insights, this immersive App is cutting-edge.
CREATE CUSTOM BEVERAGES – Combine Pods to create recipes and track your nutrient consumption. Name and save your recipes in the App to use later.

Meet the Bottle
Introducing the first smart nutrition bottle that turns your ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins and nutrients. Staying hydrated is as easy as the touch of a button or a swipe in the app.

Holds 16.9 fl oz (500 mL)
Up to 90 beverages from 3 Pods
Up to 4 days battery life
The smart nutrition bottle that adapts to your day

Recyclable through our send-back program, our Performance Pods offer a variety of natural flavors and essential nutrients. Each Pod contains 30 Shots to make up to 30 beverages based on preference.

Bottle holds three Pods
Great-tasting flavors
Essential vitamins and nutrients
Connect with the LifeFuels App

The App provides actionable insights and allows you to set and track hydration goals, customize the flavor and strength of each beverage, view the levels remaining in each Pod, and more. LifeFuels bridges a crucial gap between hydration, nutrition, and technology. The Bottle, Performance Pods, and LifeFuels App work together to measure your intake and make hydration and nutrition recommendations based on personal preferences and needs.

Sync with wearables
Adjust taste and strength
Monitor your hydration & nutrition
What’s included:

The LifeFuels Bottle
3 Pods (Antioxidants Blackberry Acai, Electrolytes Lemon Lime, and Multivitamins Peach)
Charging Cable
Cleaning Brush
Carrying Lanyard

Inside The Technology
Holds 16.9 fl oz (500 mL)
3 Pods, 90 Shots
Up to 4 days battery life
Dispense with one touch
Adjust flavor and strength

Pro Pulse Hydration Tracking
Ultrasonic waves pulse rapidly throughout the bottle, delivering accurate level readings

LifeFuels Power Pod Recycling Program
Send your Pods back in our provided LifeFuels Pod recycling bag. We clean the Pods and send them to our chosen recycling center to be properly recycled.

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