Philips Hue Smart Plug review – HomeKit smart plug UK version

Philips Hue Smart Plug review - HomeKit smart plug UK version Science & Technology

Philips Hue has been around for a fair amount of time now with its smart lighting products, and they do this pretty well. Last year Signify announced the Philips Hue Smart plug to add its Hue lineup. I have recently received one at HomeKit authority HQ and taken it through my usual testing to bring you this Philips Hue smart plug review.

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7 thoughts on “Philips Hue Smart Plug review – HomeKit smart plug UK version

  1. Michael Thompson says:

    I would love if they done like a twin pack or a 4 pack at a slight discount because your buying multiple

  2. Bilal Chebaro says:

    Very useful! I use a bunch of them around the house, for the coffee maker, fans, Christmas lights, etc.

  3. Console says:

    Nice for those of us who already have bought into the Hue eco system. I’ve got a few tp-link jobbos but I think I’ll be switching them out for this set up if… I can find some bundle offers.

  4. Matthew Harris says:

    I originally bought one when I got my hue hub, not realising that it advises that it should only be used for a lamp. I wanted to use it with a kettle, it did work but didn’t want to risk it causing electrical problems! so I returned it to Argos. I now use IKEA at half the price and have had absolutely no problems. Jon I didn’t realise you could plug smart plugs into power strips? wasn’t sure if that’s a good idea or not. what I have done is plugged a power strip into an IKEA plug and can control multiple lights [xmas lights] which works great! at xmas anyway! lol

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