OPPO Watch: Looks Familiar But There’s More to It

OPPO Watch: Looks Familiar But There's More to It Science & Technology

OPPO recently unveiled the new OPPO Watch in India and while it does look like an Apple Watch, it’s a WearOS smartwatch that packs in some really exciting features. Well, in this video, we take a look at the OPPO Watch features and our experience of the new smartwatch.

The 41mm Oppo Watch is priced at Rs. 14,999 while the 46mm Oppo Watch is priced at Rs. 19,990 in India.

OPPO Watch 41mm vs 46mm: What Are The Key Differences?: https://beebom.com/oppo-watch-41mm-vs-46mm-key-differences/

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OPPO Watch: Looks Familiar But There’s More to It – Video published on YouTube by Beebom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE59HV4QBX4

20 thoughts on “OPPO Watch: Looks Familiar But There’s More to It

  1. Beebom says:

    What’s up Notification Squad! What do you guys think of the OPPO Watch and WearOS? ?

  2. Knight Rider says:

    Sir koi aisi kam price main SMRT watch Jo always on display ho plz mention .

  3. HonestBrotha says:

    Nice review will be getting this whenever it can be bought in the US i can’t stand traditional circular smart watches damn lol been waiting for a square android wearable

  4. RÔÅR FÖR MÊSSÏ says:

    Beebom Sir please
    Upload the tech news also???????????????????????

  5. Mujahid Anwar says:

    To charge the oppo smartwatch is there any stipulated power input or we can just plugin in the usb charger provided to any of the power socket adapter?

  6. Saikat Chatterjee says:

    The keyboard, emoji etc are Wear OS features, not specific to Oppo Watch. Rest of the things, even the guided breathing, the charging screen are copied from Apple Watch.

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