Oppo Watch (46mm) Unboxing & Full Tour Smartwatch For Apple Haters

Oppo Watch (46mm) Unboxing & Full Tour Smartwatch For Apple Haters Science & Technology

Unboxing and full tour of the Oppo Watch, a premium smartwatch that’s been compared with Apple’s wearable, except with Wear OS on board. Ahead of my full review here’s a hands-on exploration of the specs, performance, features and design of the 46mm Oppo Watch. Possibly the best Android alternative?

This bigger model is £369 in the UK, compared with £219 for the 41mm version. However, you don’t just get a bigger device for that extra cash. This beefy wearable also adds improved water resistance, a sharper AMOLED screen and other bonus bits missing from the smaller, budget-friendly Oppo smartwatch.

Wear OS appears in its natural form here, with a couple of little tweaks to the look and feel. You still get a huge selection of watch faces that you can customise, Google Assistant support, NFC, and full fitness tracking. This 46mm model also includes eSIM LTE support and you can take calls with the built-in mic and speaker.

Battery life is typically rubbish for a smartwatch but you can charge up in a jiffy with VOOC flash charging.

Full review of the Oppo Watch coming soon, once I’ve had a proper chance to test it out. Let me know your early thoughts below!

Oppo Watch (46mm) Unboxing & Full Tour Smartwatch For Apple Haters – Video published on YouTube by Tech Spurt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EajQ_oJKPdw

20 thoughts on “Oppo Watch (46mm) Unboxing & Full Tour Smartwatch For Apple Haters

  1. Goutam Goswami says:

    They make it square ….people say apple watch.
    They make it round….people say samsung watch.

  2. Manchester United Fan says:

    I bought a galaxy watch active 2 44mm stainless steel for £171.99. Should i return it and get the oppo watch 41mm? I have a Galaxy A51 and previously had a active 1

  3. Liam Ronin says:

    Hello! Good day! Just want to ask you. Instead of using the speaker phone in answering the call. Can you connect your bluetooth phone to your bluetooth earphones to answer calls? Thanks.

  4. Ronald Hudson says:

    that watch actually looks pretty good. I’m used to the apple iwatch so I wonder how well it does compared to it.i gotta say the humor is pretty funny, has me laughing.. keep up the good reviews bud!

  5. Matthew Coleman-Foster says:

    What stores are selling it in the UK and Germany? Still looking for it to show up in the U.S.

  6. Justin Scranney says:

    Hey mate please make a review of the Haylou Solar watch. Cheers !

  7. Omer Nadir says:

    is there any differences between the 46 and 41mm because i want to buy the 41mm

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