OnePlus Band With SPo2 Review : iGyaan 4k

OnePlus Band With SPo2 Review : iGyaan 4k Science & Technology

We Review the new OnePlus Smart BandBand with SPo2 sensor.
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OnePlus Band With SPo2 Review : iGyaan 4k – Video published on YouTube by iGyaan:

20 thoughts on “OnePlus Band With SPo2 Review : iGyaan 4k

  1. Satya Sangoju says:

    what a review mannnnnn!!!!!!!!! awesome clarity and voice is completely perfect

  2. Jay Ghiya says:

    Why on the early the subscriber count is low compared to high quality tech videos?

  3. Rahul Kapoor says:

    iGyaan is by far one of the best tech reviewers of India. You guys deserve a lot more subscribers than 1 million. Keep bringing more such amazing videos!??

  4. Shantanu ranjan dey says:

    The Honor band 5 was a better product than the Mi Band 5. Used both and the Mi Band feels cheap and isn’t accurate either.

  5. Sagar Tiwari says:

    i do believe that you are capable enough to cross check the accuracy of sensors of this band against professional ones! that would be really really helpful

  6. dillydong says:

    Not as good as Mi Band 5……any why on earth would one want to check SP02 reading everyday unless you’re in a hospital?

  7. kmomaya2000 says:

    Does the OnePlus band provide the option of syncing the heart rate monitoring reading from the app to google fit?

  8. Avinash Boddu says:

    This man deserves a min 5Mn subscribers.. Why people are encouraging shitty videos rather than these on point videos is still a mystery to me..long way to go brother..keep pushing the awesome content.?

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