OnePlus Band: Mixed Feelings

OnePlus Band: Mixed Feelings Science & Technology

OnePlus has just unveiled its first wearable, the OnePlus Band. In this video, we take a look at the what’s new in the O̶P̶P̶O̶ OnePlus Band and why we have mixed feelings about it. We also compare the OnePlus Band vs Mi Band 5.

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OnePlus Band: Mixed Feelings – Video published on YouTube by Beebom:

20 thoughts on “OnePlus Band: Mixed Feelings

  1. Beebom says:

    The OnePlus Band has been priced at ₹2,499. What do you guys think? Can it compete with Mi Band 5? ?

  2. Matthew Wong says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole video; the click with each cut/overlay element was too much.

  3. praveen varma says:

    I have recived my band last night but sleep data is not recorded any idea .iam using mi phone.

  4. SAHIDUL ALAM says:

    Plz make a comparison video of One Plus band vs Honor Band 5 vs Mi band 5

  5. Subhajit Basu says:

    5.10 may be you were sleeping at office and trying to proof the device wrong because you know your boss will watch the video…….????

  6. 5Element Control says:

    Can anyone suggest me a good fitness band in India, under 5,000??

  7. César Israel castillo says:

    Xiami mi band 5 or Huawei mi band 5 or (6) or oppo band or oneplus band ?

  8. mboiko says:

    Mi Band 5 is the Gold Standard (low-cost bands) for now for…the others are in catchup mode.

  9. Harish Tarale says:

    Right now the only thing that is saving OnePlus smartphones is OxygenOS.

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