Nubia Watch Unboxing + First Look: Bending Screen Smartwatch

Nubia Watch Unboxing + First Look: Bending Screen Smartwatch Science & Technology

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The Nubia Watch will be launching globally in mid-August for around $230, there will be an early bird price of $170.

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Nubia Watch Unboxing + First Look: Bending Screen Smartwatch – Video published on YouTube by ben’s gadget reviews:

20 thoughts on “Nubia Watch Unboxing + First Look: Bending Screen Smartwatch

  1. 王子豪 says:

    dude,can you do a system comparsion across all the android companies?like miui12 one ui 2.1 emui10?i d love to see that

  2. babevso says:

    Wow, I Didn’t Even Know they Was Working on A Smartwatch plus It is the First of Is Kind a wrap Around watch Pretty cool.

  3. Ted Theodore Logan says:

    Omegalul!! It’s already old looking when you pulled it out of the box. So big, bulky, not sleek at all. looks like a ill designed children’s toy for real…kinda reminds me of how shitty the galaxy fold was when it came out.

  4. Jeviar Firsta says:

    That screen isn’t only the one that could bent for ya, y’know ???

  5. Deepesh Shakya says:

    Your content awesome brother… ?

    Love From India ❣️❣️

  6. kevin bailey says:

    Cool, I thought it came out years ago lol, well at least thr bringing it to production, once it gets to the USA people will hack into it an make it right!!!!!!!

  7. Slavick Alexeeff says:

    Awesome ?. Very detailed review as usual. I’m looking forward to the new video.

    (greetings from Russia)

  8. Dzach Azzurri says:

    The power rangers clip really brings back good memories hahaha… Nice review Ben!

  9. Helghast73 says:

    That’s not bad, they should let you customise what you have showing on the home screen as it were. And yeah will look forward to what Huawei and Samsung do with this wrap around screen watch and Apple 4 years later at 5 times the cost of course!

  10. Tyson Fury says:

    Hi Sir! Long time no see?
    Good to see you are safe & healthy
    Can you please make a review of Oppo watch ⌚ it would be really awesome!? As always amazing video sir and be safe
    Love From India
    Jai Hind ??

  11. nBasterd says:

    your channel is awesome. ive been watching techies on the tube since s9 launch 2018.
    ive gone through all the big youtubers like Lew, MKBHD, Mrwhosetheboss.
    but nowadays I come back to check for new videos from you manually, even though im subbed to you.
    you always got new and exciting stuff, with a different take on things.
    im not subbed to the biggest youtubers, i just watch em when they pop up in my feed.
    Its funny how well polished and editetd all of their videos are, but you keep it simple, and I dont even notice any difference >D basic quality content wins!
    youre awesome!

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