NFC Smart Home Ideas + Setup for iOS 14 and Android

NFC Smart Home Ideas + Setup for iOS 14 and Android Science & Technology

Controlling your smart home with NFC tags is easy and affordable. I will show you some NFC smart home ideas, how to set them up on iOS 14 and Android, and how to integrate with IFTTT, SmartThings, and Home Assistant.

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SharpTools for SmartThings:

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See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Ideas
2:02 Apps to use
2:33 iOS Shortcuts
3:42 Android Tasker
4:59 IFTTT
5:47 SmartThings
6:46 Home Assistant
7:42 More Advanced
9:32 NFC Polka dots

25 Automation Ideas vol. 2 (featuring NFC tags):
Switches and Buttons for smart lights:
Ultimate Beginner’s Guide:
SmartThings webCoRE video:

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver purchased the NFC tags and phones shown in this video. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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20 thoughts on “NFC Smart Home Ideas + Setup for iOS 14 and Android

  1. Smart Home Solver says:

    Thanks for watching! What are some of your NFC automation ideas? ?

  2. E F says:

    Hello, I need help..At 5:44 of the video you outline how to use IFTTT with NFC. I don’t get it. Once it’s in Shortcuts as a web link, how do I trigger things? Trying to use Wink, Arlo, and Alexa with NFC tags..HELP!

  3. Zach Zockoll says:

    So i have an iphone 10 and apple says on their site that the iphone x has “NFC with reader mode” same as the 10x and 11 pro but there isnt the NFC option in the shortcuts. Am i out of luck or anything i can do? Also i have an apple watch 3 that i know i use apple pay for all the time. Does that mean i can use them for this?

  4. Mattie Casper says:

    I use an NFC tag to open my garage door from outside. Also to set some lighting scenes that I’m tired of saying “Alexa, Movie Time” and waiting, when I can just set my phone next to it.

  5. PalBeron Tv says:

    Is it possible to Set the ring alert mode to “away” by Scanning a nfc Tag?

  6. Eivind Galambos Kristiansen says:

    SOOOOOOOOOO Cool!!! Did not know that my iPhone (11 Pro Max) Had NFC! And this is soo versatile! 😀 <3

  7. Damien Bess says:

    Great ideas, can you use the NFC tag to lock your front door with the August lock? Like when I’m leaving the house instead of going into the app to lock it, can I just tap the NFC tag?

  8. Dennis Harris says:

    Some one has obviously kidnapped Reed and hijacked his account. No LED and No Cameras in a video?

  9. Andrej Spilevoj says:

    well, that means you must bring your phone everywhere you go, quite odd solution for smart house. When I am home I want to be as far as possible from my phone.

  10. keegan desouza says:

    Can u please tell me how to do the sunset led strip thing can I do that with my normal rgb led strip or is it like a code that I have to add to amazon alexa or it only works with some specific led strip that has the mod make a video on this cus nobody has done that I think

  11. ty-wrap says:

    Sucks you can’t edit the name of NFC Tags in Tasker. If you do, the automation won’t run. I have no idea what DOCNDK49583616DN means lol.

  12. Tech and Toys ! says:

    Is there any device(button/ switch), that can be programed to trigger alexa routines?

  13. Slim Nil says:

    Reed, Thanks for the video! I am using an iPhone X with IOS 14.0.1. Within my ShortCuts app, under New Automations, I cannot find the NFC option. I compared it to your screen and there is no NFC option provided in the entire automations section. Your thoughts??

  14. TeBa says:

    Can you recommend a good beginners guide for using Android, Tasker, and turning on SmartThings lights in the backyard? Your video was good but I couldn’t follow the linking to SmartThings part.

  15. seemakhan14 says:

    Hi Reed I am new to NFC. Bought a bunch from Amazon as soon as I saw your video! I was wondering can you program them to work with more then 1 device or they can only be programmed to work with 1 device at a time ? Also can you program multiple things into one NFC tag or they can do I task only? Is there a website or a link where I can learn in detail how to use these tags in different ways or places? Thanks

  16. po po says:

    Is there any way to set up the automation that you have to let your wife know when you will be home on android?

  17. Waseem Elbishari says:

    Wait but reed’s not using an iphone XS or later?? ???

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