New Smart Products That Save You Time and Money

New Smart Products That Save You Time and Money Science & Technology

New Smart Products That Save You Time and Money!

It’s not enough anymore to go and buy smart home gadgets, or products for your modern home. You need to be able to save money, and to save time. Every product on today’s list of new smart home gadgets and products will do at least one of those things, if not both of those things!

Let’s get you to the products, but let’s also get you to #save #time and #money with your #smarthome.

Oh and watch our comparison review of the new Nest Thermostat vs the Nest Learning Thermostat here: or our review of the Nest Audio here:

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15 thoughts on “New Smart Products That Save You Time and Money

  1. Aaron Woody says:

    First comment maybe! Thanks for the awesome and informative videos! Have a marvelous day!

  2. Eric Russell says:

    So package delivery services actually use drop boxes like that Yale one you showed? I stopped leaving directions for deliveries a long time ago because they couldn’t be bothered to put them at the right door.

  3. tralexan says:

    Hey, Brian. As usual, thanks for the info. As far as the speakers go, I have been an “audiophile” since the early seventies and I can assure you that no one who takes audio seriously is considering any sort of smart speaker as a legitimate vehicle for delivering true quality sound. “Smart speakers” should be purchased for how the “smart” part functions, and not the “speaker.”

  4. PATRIOT for TRUTH says:

    A vast array of info from my tech guru. Thanks again, Brian!

  5. Hugh Dinwiddie says:

    Brian, the idea of you, especially, saving time and money with this stuff made me smile. The only thing that’s beginning to save you money is getting enough channel growth to start getting things to review without always having to buy them yourself. I always enjoy what you do and especially how you switch between Google and Amazon. I have both, of course, but favor Amazon a bit more for my purposes.

  6. mashehab says:

    Thanks Brian, those Smart planters are really cool but toooo expensive for me!!!
    I appreciate your fair review for the google speaker

  7. joseph lemons says:

    Think I’m still gonna buy the Nest 3rd Gen as it has more features then the new thermostat, plus it has the rotating dial & works with more systems then the new one & you can use either the Nest App or the home app, where the new one your locked into the Home app

  8. Charon says:

    Couldn’t someone just steal the Yale storage device with all your packages?

  9. CannabisCultureTechLife says:

    Is there anywhere where Nest Thermostat says they work with HVACs? I haven’t bought a smart thermostat because 99% of them seem to not work with high voltage and burn out which is the HV (high voltage) in HVAC.

  10. gaining happy guy says:

    First off let me say I just “retired” from my $70k a year paying job to do camera and smart lighting products full time ! (Say a prayer for me )And I’m a huge fan of those new wyze products , even though the age of the houses I go to in philly are atleast 100 so most doorbell wiring is horrible . I prefer a simple camera or some wireless unbranded option. Or a wyze cam with the extender kit. Just for my piece of mind.

  11. gaining happy guy says:

    Funny thing. I’m actually selling my sonos 1 on ebay because I’m really wanting to upgrade to the amazon globe or the new google box but I know I’ll be sacrificing my smartthings voice …. I hope that little bixby device comes out soon

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