Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Walkthrough of the, app, HomeKit, HomePod Chime & Apple TV PIP

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell Review - Walkthrough of the, app, HomeKit, HomePod Chime & Apple TV PIP Science & Technology

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Walkthrough of the, app walkthrough, HomePod Chime & Apple TV

Netatmo first announced its smart video doorbell back at CES 2019 and now, 21 months later, it is finally available to buy. So, has it been worth the wait, continue reading this in-depth Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell review. In which I will tell you everything you need to know about this HomeKit enabled video doorbell. I will take you through a detailed look at the design, app, install, App walkthrough, HomeKit, HomePod Doorbells and Apple TV support via PIP.

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Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Walkthrough of the, app, HomeKit, HomePod Chime & Apple TV PIP – Video published on YouTube by HomeKit Authority:

20 thoughts on “Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Walkthrough of the, app, HomeKit, HomePod Chime & Apple TV PIP

  1. Marc Ernoult says:

    Thank you for this video. Can we replace the SD card by an other one ? For exemple 512Go ? Thanks !

  2. StumpyBloke says:

    Great video as always, thanks.

    But it looks like it’s a no-goer for me as I’ve currently got a Ring Video Doorbell pro with the UK power adapter (plug in to mains socket) and like many houses I don’t have a wired chime. Really disappointed as I was waiting for this for a long time but that’s a massive limitation that Netatmo has introduced in my opinion. Do you know of any other HomeKit doorbells that would run on the Ring 24 V power cables?

  3. Dan Brunner says:

    I’m really torn on waiting for this doorbell for the USA availability versus something from Ring. I already have the Ring Floodlight camera in back. So I know what I’m getting into with Ring. But I’ve been waiting for a decent HK doorbell…And this is it. But is it worth the wait???? I so mixed right now…..

  4. Adrian Jerominek says:

    Great review! At 3:15 you are saying a micro usb port is powering on the doorbell but it‘s not recommended to be used. But in theory is the doorbell working / booting up? I would test this method first and use my homepods as chime? (No chime cabling existing) thanks!

  5. Renfred Tay says:

    great video jon, i’m a long time subscriber to your channel now and i’ve watched all your videos and was waiting eagerly for this one when i saw your previous update video. i was so ready to buy this, but was really tripped up by the wiring part. my existing doorbell wiring that came with the house was just 2 wires that runs into the house and then u just connect them to a battery operated chime. most doorbell set ups are like that in the country i live in. what i did was to buy an ac to dc power adapter (like the kind meant for ring doorbells) plug it into a socket and separately run it through to the same doorbell button crevice so that when the a proper and not crazy expensive homekit doorbell comes onto the mkt i’d just buy it and hook it up. sadly, it seems this netatmo doorbell will not work for me.

    i was wondering if a workaround is possible though. this is my plan if i were to get the netatmo. i’d use the power adapter on the netatmo to power it (so yes there will be no sound produced when doorbell is pressed), but then it should still register a doorbell press virtually. if i link that to homepod (or say the aqara hub – i’m not sure if the chime thing works via homekit) to play the sound, then i technically have a working doorbell again. does this make sense? will it work? your thoughts on this setup jon. i’ve got a doorbell button that comes with the house but connected to nothing at the other end and i’m really tired of waiting for a homekit doorbell and i really want the netatmo to work. pls tell me my workaround is viable…

  6. Menno W95 says:

    Important to note: I had a 8V 0,5A powersource. The camera works but goes into power saving mode and live view isn’t available. I switched to 8V 1A and now it works properly.

    I’m happy with the doorbell. However I expected a wider view. And the most important part to improve is the speed of recording. In your video you also show the recording when walking away. It should have a pre roll function so you have the full event. Not just the back of a person.
    Hope they will improve it very soon.

  7. Nils Kijkuit says:

    I have it now for 4 days and not overly impressed. I love the design. Native app is fine. But I have bought it because of the Homekit integration. And that is, even after almost 2 years since the first announcements, still very buggy. HomePod Chime is not working (I do have Ios14, maybe I need to wait for HomePod update, it is still on 13.4.8), if more than 3 people respond to a call, the doorbell crashes and is unavailable for a while. Not all Applewatches in the house are getting notifications. 

    Live Video quality – even on a very fast WiFi connection not great. Downloaded video is a bit better, but a far cry for FullHD. When contacting support they sort of admitting that this is an issue that they are working on. If you take out the Homekit integration, other doorbell suddenly become more attractive, maybe not for the design but definitely for functionality and quality. I hope future firmware and software updates will improve the doorbell overtime but for now I believe 300 euro is too much for what it offers.

    And by the way, mine came with a 16GB SD Card, not 32GB. And throw away the screws that came with it, if you need to screw those in hardwood door posts you are ehhh screwed as they will never come out again…

  8. Dommer says:

    What makes this better the the Ring doorbell? Much more expensive and seems this has worse specs.

  9. jason ranford says:

    Would’ve been nice to hear the audio quality through the doorbell and app. Also, does it recorded and playback both sides of the conversation, not all video doorbells do.

  10. Guy Strumtza says:

    thanks fo the full review 🙂

    Bought one 🙂

    So we must install the chime module ? Today i used with ring doorbell and they don’t have this part So i’m interested if i’m install without the chime module if it’s work or like you say it is destroyed the fuse..

    I don’t have any problem to install the chime module i have chime near to the door but if the chime module was in white instead black it is was awesome 🙂

  11. emperorblade says:

    When I build my house, I got a Ring Pro, using its Plug Chime and had a plug for it in the circuit board. So I have no real chime, do I really need to get one of these ancient things or can I just hook this doorbell to the same 2 wires as the Ring Pro?

  12. Anatoli Yefimov says:

    so if I have a HomePod, do I need to have a physical doorbell?

  13. Tulsi Kafle says:

    Do you know if the European version work here in the United States? I don’t want to wait until end of the year for the U.S version

  14. Alexandre D says:

    Do you have to use one of the two brackets for install or can you install it straight to the wall with no bracket?

  15. jlaaman says:

    Thank you for the review! The one thing i was wondering is that does the doorbell come with replacement plan in case of theft, like mentioned on one of the earlier web review by apple insider… Any info on this?

  16. Lex H says:

    Hi, do you know if it is possible to use the doorbell’s detections as HomeKit trigger for automation? Thanks!

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