Nanoleaf Essentials light strip review – Could this be the BEST HomeKit smart light strip of 2021?

Nanoleaf Essentials light strip review - Could this be the BEST HomeKit smart light strip of 2021? Science & Technology

Following the review of the smart bulbs from Nanoleaf, I now look at the Nanoleaf Essentials light strip. The light strip does not need an additional hub and also connects to your HomeKit setup using Thread via the HomePod mini.
The Nanoleaf Essentials light strip comes in a 2 meter light strip and can be extended via optional extension kits. In this review, I look at the 2 meter Nanoleaf Essentials started kit design, setup, performance and how it performs with Thread and HomeKit.

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Nanoleaf Essentials light strip review – Could this be the BEST HomeKit smart light strip of 2021? – Video published on YouTube by HomeKit Authority:

20 thoughts on “Nanoleaf Essentials light strip review – Could this be the BEST HomeKit smart light strip of 2021?

  1. 1072064 says:

    Great video, very informative! Is this brighter than the EVE light strip?

  2. David Schertz says:

    I have 4 essential bulbs. Love them. I ordered the strip a few weeks back. Should be getting it in a few weeks.

    While I like the price of the bulbs they are not bright when using colors. You get what you pay for and they work for what I need

  3. Husnain_munir says:

    Someone help does anyone know where I can buy the extension?? Apple sell the actual light strip but I’m struggling to find the extensions!!

    I’m wanting these for around my bed (fabric bed) and tv but I have the Phillips hue light strip which I previously bought

    Been trying to sort the light strip in my room
    For a while now

    Any help would be hugely appreciated!


  4. Adam's Tech Life says:

    Great video! Haven’t messed with thread myself but dang that’s fast changing colors and turning on/off

  5. James Walker says:

    I’m really impressed by mine. Cut the 2 metres down to fit the back of a 43inch tv. In the same room as two Nanoleaf E27 bulbs, looks great! Using bluetooth with the Apple Home app on iphone (no Homepod), very responsive, takes around 1 second to come on.

  6. Burak Ömer says:

    Wonderful video. I have a question. Does the lightstrip utilize white LEDs for less saturated colors such as pink, sky blue etc? Hue does that to provide better pastel colors.

  7. mgnoodle says:

    Just ordered some from Apple’s website and being delivered on Wednesday. Couldn’t find them on Amazon

  8. Warren Fontana says:

    Hi. Does the controller section need to be connected, or can you bypass this at all. Just seems to have a short strip of cable between that and the start of the lightstrip, can’t really hide the controller that well if it can’t be left out. Also is this the first strip light by nanoleaf as I can get this but it doesn’t state its thread, tempted to buy anyway. Thanks. Great channel btw.

  9. Jordan Lawrence says:

    Love this. Couldn’t decide on which light kit to purchase, this review helped!!

  10. MrJordanwain says:

    If only this was addressable! I want to invest in some light strips but want to have the option for more effects.

  11. Luke-Anthony Murgatroyd says:

    Hi, great video. Can this bend around corners, for example to go around the back of a tv? Or is it better to just have it as a strip at the bottom/top. Thanks

  12. bill 300c says:

    sheesh, why even it then if you are not satisfied. Always complaining about something

  13. Mitchell Dise says:

    Other than the Nanoleaf light strips and bulbs, the eero router, and of course the HomePod mini, what other devices use thread? Is there a list anywhere?

  14. G M says:

    It allways tells you do not turn on in a roll as over heats when setting up lol

  15. Saeed Alsalahi says:

    Get 3 pieces of the yeelight strip light instead of this nanoleaf it’s much cheaper with same quality

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