Motorola edge s Review: The debut of Snapdragon 870 chipset

Motorola edge s Review: The debut of Snapdragon 870 chipset Science & Technology

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19 thoughts on “Motorola edge s Review: The debut of Snapdragon 870 chipset

  1. Lanang Gadget says:

    Saya penonton indo sangat senang dengan review nya hp motorola terbaru

  2. Harish Reddy says:

    Waiting for launch in India might be this will cost around 18 to 19k in India(guess)

  3. Rig says:

    i bought this phone last week and its literally the best phone this year especially for the price

  4. Fernando Moreno says:

    Bro you only point out negative things on the phone, do you always do that with other devices?. You mention that the Mi 11 has overheating problems, even more than the Edge S, so the Mi 11 is not good for gaming either?

  5. Gregory Wangsadikrama says:

    Nice to see Motorola still makes phones, sorry Lenovo. But if it wasn’t for Lenovo, that brand already died many years ago.

  6. flipp081 says:

    Motorola have become really bad. I recently bought a Moto G9 Plus because of the large screen. However, it felt so slow and laggy compared to a phone with similair spec. from Xiaomi. Sold it two days ago. Back again on my Redmi K30 which feels so much faster and more fluid despite having similar performance on paper. I would defintivly take a Redmi K40 over a Motorola Edge S. Only Xiaomi/Redmi and Realme are capable of producing true flaggship killers.

  7. David Martrano says:

    I was once a huge Moto fan. Now since the take over, nah. Lenovorola has made real ?out of their phones. Where are ya going with that double punch hole? Charging times suck with the 5000mamp ?? Maybe the price is OK but the rest, nah? Bring back my 2013 Moto X made by Google? Now that my friends was a great phone, ah, the old days!

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