Motogadget ★ Mo.unit Blue, Full Review WHAT CAN IT REALLY DO? – CB750 Cafe Racer

Motogadget ★ Mo.unit Blue, Full Review WHAT CAN IT REALLY DO? - CB750 Cafe Racer Autos & Vehicles

MotoGadget mo-unit Blue packs an unbelievable amount of tech into a tiny package with a footprint smaller than the average smartphone.

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Hi Folks,
This is Dan, let me show you step by step on how I build stuff each week including my CB750 Cafe Racer & the (Honda Scrambler/Tracker build on a budget challenge) SUBSCRIBE to follow my future builds, I’m based in Australia.

Motogadget ★ Mo.unit Blue, Full Review WHAT CAN IT REALLY DO? – CB750 Cafe Racer – Video published on YouTube by Cafe Racer Garage:

20 thoughts on “Motogadget ★ Mo.unit Blue, Full Review WHAT CAN IT REALLY DO? – CB750 Cafe Racer

  1. Cafe Racer Garage says:

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  2. David Carrico says:

    Accelerometer brake light is awesome! Didn’t know it had this capability

  3. Patrick O'Donoghue says:

    Personally the m-button didn’t do much to simplify my front end wiring because I still had ground wires for the switches and bar end indicator wires running from the bars. And I’m not a fan of having 3 of the mbutton wires running from one clip on bar to the other.

  4. Aldo Bega says:

    Great review! Thanks! I am planning to make a new hasness from scratch. Never did before. Adding this M unit + battery and wires, I will be set? Sorry if my question is dumb. I am virgin about motorcycles electric systems. The bike it’s a 1982 Yamaha Virago XV920.

  5. Jonas Wiza says:

    Quick tip for making this type of connection look very clean: Put solder on the end so the individual wires stay together and then use heat shrink to only expose as much as you need.
    Makes it look very neat and clean compared to just having a stripped wired.

  6. John Neomaster says:

    I have a set of glassless barend mirrors and I can only congratulate you for finding the best product on the market. They are truly the best! Expensive, yes…but worth it.

  7. Glenn Bjerregaard Dreyer says:

    Remember it’s only for showbikes, never trust a single module to control your street bike

  8. Chadwick Rider says:

    I’ve been really curious about this after seeing Josh (JISH) install one … thinking about adding this to my 77 CB750. Great video, thank you!

  9. Stephan van Nunen says:

    Would love to have a M.unit on my CX but it’s to far out of my budget ?

  10. Killer Customs says:

    Hi mate, do you have any plans to use the cheaper Axel Joost box on future projects as a comparison? Cheers Rich

  11. Mikhail Streeter says:

    Would this give me the capability to run like a morimoto super7 headlight? Or would I need to upgrade the charging system also? And how well is it roadworthy? I ride a hour to work one way and put a lot of miles on riding season. I’ll put 1200 miles a week just going to work.

  12. wil cavanagh says:

    Great explanation and video will definitely be getting myself one

  13. Anders Bartley Hallingstad says:

    Great review Dan! Love the mo.unit blue. Have you installed a lithium battery on the 750? If so, what regulator/rectifier are you using?

  14. 2566337 says:

    Hi Dan. Great Job. I also restoring a CB750 to Café Racer. I have 2 questions. If I use the M Unit do i Need an extra Regulator/rectifyer? And 2 what is the Shown Can Bus for? Thanks Mike

  15. Scott durkee says:

    This may be a dumb question, but what would happen if you tried to use an m unit in a car?

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