Miko 2 – Educational Robot Review – Smart Robots Review

Miko 2 - Educational Robot Review - Smart Robots Review Science & Technology

On this episode of Smart Robots Review, Elias and Sandy review “MIKO 2”, the Educational robot by Chidakashi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Miko 2 – Educational Robot Review – Smart Robots Review – Video published on YouTube by Smart Robots Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWduWK1qa_0

9 thoughts on “Miko 2 – Educational Robot Review – Smart Robots Review

  1. Smart Robots Review says:

    We had fun learning about this Robot and hope you did as well. What did you think about Miko 2? Do you own one or know anyone that does? Share your experiences or questions and we will do our best to answer every question. Thank you for watching Smart Robots Review! – Elias

  2. Elise Kiouressis says:

    The dark force is calling. They want their robot back. XD 1:19 3:25 6:26 20:51 20:58

    “You don’t know the power of the dark side!”
    – Darth Vader

  3. Mehwish Azmat says:

    Would u recommend buying this for a 5 year old? Or do u recommend something else?

  4. Chanchal bist says:

    This company has no refund policy…if u don’t like it…u are stuck..worst company to deal with…do no buy it…if u want it I will send u mine for free..I don’t need this junk

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