Mi Watch Revolve 15 Days Review: Should You Buy or Skip?

Mi Watch Revolve 15 Days Review: Should You Buy or Skip? Science & Technology

Mi Watch Revolve is Xiaomi’s first smartwatch in India and is priced at Rs. 10,999. It has an AMOLED display and capable of tracking steps, heart-rate and a few exercises. I used the Mi Watch Revolve for 15 days to test out all its features and battery battery life. Here is my full review of the Mi Watch Revolve.

Key Specifications of Mi Watch Revolve
– 1.39-inch AMOLED display
– 420mAh Battery
– 2 Week Battery Life
– Magnetic Charger
– Heart-rate, Stress, Sleep Tracking

Anchor: Aditya Shenoy (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/authors/aditya-shenoy-28)
Video Editor: Robin John (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/authors/robin-john-47)

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Mi Watch Revolve 15 Days Review: Should You Buy or Skip? – Video published on YouTube by Gadgets 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUGlop02oIw

17 thoughts on “Mi Watch Revolve 15 Days Review: Should You Buy or Skip?

  1. Saimon Raj Patro says:

    Can You Please compare this with Realme’s smart watch, Please!!!

  2. AMAN GURJAR says:

    Replying to notification is what makes smartwatch , this is just a glorified fitness tracker

  3. Smile Please says:

    Why the didn’t release android watch version of it it’s only cost 4k more

  4. Jalaj Shukla says:

    Is this made in China? Probably yes. Don’t promote Chinese products ? just have some respect for the soldiers who give there life on the border. Just have some refrain.

  5. Jayanta Das says:

    In this watch call receive option is not available, its a great drawback

  6. Elli07 4nd3r50n says:

    If it cant reply to notification and make calls, it aint a smartwatch! only a fitness tracker!!

  7. Tufail Qadri says:

    Nice video. I have been using it since last 15 days good battery life and nice display but can’t understand GPS tracking and how to measure vo2 max can u make a video on that and rise to wake is not working for most of the times mi should do something about it .Other wise good value for money

  8. God rules Jesus Christ saves says:

    May everybody be blessed with abundance in Jesus name amen and amen

  9. d p says:

    I already wearing noise fit colorfit pro 2
    Ok in its price point
    What your take should I buy this one or not

  10. Niranjan Ghodake says:

    I’m really surprised to see only 196 likes and 10k views. Gadgets 360 in the most professional and trustworthy technology review channel in India. It answers typically every desi questions we Indians have in mind. Have been following for 5 years. Great work, keep going ✌?

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