Mi QLED TV 4K Review: OnePlus TV Q1 Killer?

Mi QLED TV 4K Review: OnePlus TV Q1 Killer? Science & Technology

Xiaomi, best known in the television segment for its affordable smart LED TVs, is ending 2020 with the launch of its most premium television yet, the Mi QLED TV 4K. Priced at Rs. 54,999, the new QLED TV from Xiaomi is an impressive option on paper and one that truly stands apart from the company’s more affordable televisions. However, competition in the segment is strong, particularly from brands such as TCL and OnePlus. Can Xiaomi overcome its ‘budget champion’ reputation and give the competition a tough fight with the Mi QLED TV 4K? Find out in our review.

0:00 Mi QLED TV 4K: Introduction
0:50 Mi QLED TV 4K: Design
1:30 Mi QLED TV 4K: Remote
1:55 Mi QLED TV 4K: Software
2:25 Mi QLED TV 4K: Specifications
2:54 Mi QLED TV 4K: Display
3:39 Mi QLED TV 4K: Performance
4:46 Mi QLED TV 4K: Sound
5:20 Mi QLED TV 4K: Pros and Cons
5:53 Mi QLED TV 4K: Verdict

Xiaomi Mi QLED TV 4K 55-inch Ultra-HD Android TV (L55M6) Review: https://gadgets.ndtv.com/tv/reviews/xiaomi-mi-qled-tv-q1-4k-55-inch-ultra-hd-android-tv-l55m6-review-price-in-india-2342382

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16 thoughts on “Mi QLED TV 4K Review: OnePlus TV Q1 Killer?

  1. Sanyam Mutta says:

    Can I play sound in two headphones at the same time as Mi Qled TV has Bluetooth 5.0???

  2. Siddhartha Ghosh says:

    Guys, you’re supposed to be a tech channel. At least care about that tag before shooting and editing your videos. Apart from the poor production, there’re no tech checks in a TV review. How’s the blooming? What’s the color gamut covered and the fidelity? How’s the gradation between dark and bright ares in SDR & HDR? This is a joke of a review. It would have been better to put up the spec sheets with a picture of the tv.

  3. Sandipan Mukherjee says:

    Who said this is the first TV with Android 10 in India? Have u heard about Motorola Revu or Motorola ZX Pro? This is the cause that you struggle to get at least 5k views. Don’t make a joke of yourself.

  4. Arun prasath BV says:

    First off, you reviews are good and to the point on details which viewers expect., which one you would go with between OnePlus U1 55-inch 4K and Xiaomi Mi QLED TV 4K ? Please suggest, I wanna buy one of these.

  5. Vivaan Bakshi says:

    For the price of the TV, the integration of the features and the specs are really impressive. Mediatek chipset at its core ensures uninterrupted viewing experience

  6. Krishna More says:

    U have mute option in this tv bro … Double tap volume down button ✅

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