Meross smart power strip review – HomeKit edition

Meross smart power strip review - HomeKit edition Science & Technology

Meross smart power strip review – HomeKit edition

A HomeKit smart plug is usually one of the first investments people will make when venturing into a smart home territory. But Meross has stepped it up a level with the Smart power strip that has 4 power outlets along with 4 USB power sources, all exposed to HomeKit. So continue reading this in-depth Meross smart power strip review to find out if it’s worth buying for your HomeKit home.

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⭐️ Design – 1:13
⭐️ Setup – 2:03
⭐️ Use 2:47
⭐️ HomeKit – 4:00
⭐️ Summary – 5:21

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13 thoughts on “Meross smart power strip review – HomeKit edition

  1. Dennis Rogers says:

    Great timing for this video. I just had this delivered an hour ago.

  2. Simon Powell says:

    Useful review that I wholeheartedly agree with. I’ve had my power strip for about 3 weeks and have experienced no issues

  3. myHomeKithome says:

    What a great power strip! Does the power strip have a widget? I know the outdoors Plug does through the Neross app.

  4. chappers97 says:

    I’ve had this for a couple of days now, no issues so far and it’s great value for money. I will be investing a few more!

  5. Aras Pundys says:

    I have a number of Meross smart plugs. They are affordable and reliable so far. Looking at the garage door opener.

  6. Matt says:

    I’ve had mine about a month now and have experienced a couple of issues, 9/10 it’ll work but occasionally it’ll be unresponsive. I’ve also had to re set it up a couple of times after the router got switched off my mistake and it became unreachable. Overall I think it’s a good product but mine seems to have a couple of flaws

  7. shiveringgoat says:

    Good Review thanks. I’ve got this and 6 Meross single HomeKit plugs. They work great.
    However the one thing to mention is that if your router Is broadcasting your SSD both dual band 2.4 gHz and 5gHz you may have trouble setting up these devices.
    I have a Ubiquiti Unfi Wi-Fi access point and had to login to the Unifi controller and temporarily disable 5gHz because it kept failing after I had scanned the HomeKit code on the back of each device and I couldn’t set them up. There is no way on iOS to choose different bands on Wi-Fi.
    For me this is fine but for the average Bungalow Bill with his generic internet provided router that can’t ever remember passwords and possibly even his own house number, logging into a router would be beyond their capabilities, it would be easier for them to cross the Atlantic floor on a clockwork dog.

  8. Bryan Lyle says:

    Meross is hitting things out of the park with their HomeKit products.

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