MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 025

MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 025 Science & Technology

In this video we have our Massive Smart Home Tech unboxing from Smart Homes to tech gadgets. We unbox smart home tech that are sent to us. A Smart Home Automation unboxing and Giveaway.

Pavlok 2 Electric Shock to Quit Bad Habits
DUAL Dash Cam V1LG by Rexing
OBD-2 Car Scanner and Reset Tool by TrekPow
Battery Base for Google Home Mini by Kiwi Design
Smart LED Light Bulb by PeteMe & Tech Faith

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MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 025 – Video published on YouTube by HomeAutomationX:

20 thoughts on “MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 025

  1. Lady ZR33 says:

    Please, please don’t let the lady on the right do anymore videos. Sorry, couldn’t watch the entire video due to her.

  2. Bernardo Brito says:

    I thought the dark skinned one was kinda cute *UNTIL I SAW HER TEETH*

  3. Wall St Tech says:

    I’m NOT putting that shock thingy on muh junk. They have wild vicious llamas in Canada be carefull ladies. ?

  4. Jeffrey Rosato says:

    Wow ! I love Home Automation, but people reading directions to me in a video is extremely annoying.

  5. Omar F. Rodriguez Morales says:

    It’s good to see Anika again, both beautiful as always,

  6. My Pettaway Life says:

    Awesome ladies thanks for looking out for us … luv the items

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