MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 024

MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 024 Science & Technology

In this video we have our Massive Smart Home Tech unboxing from Smart Homes to tech gadgets. We unbox smart home tech that are sent to us. A Smart Home Automation unboxing and Giveaway.

Digital Temperature Controller by BN Link
Dual Dash Cam with Camera inside Cabin 360° Rotatable
Indoor Remote Control by BN Link
Outdoor Remote Control by BN Link
Soliom Solar Camera

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MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 024 – Video published on YouTube by HomeAutomationX:

20 thoughts on “MASSIVE Smart Home TECH Gadget Unboxing & Giveaway 024

  1. Cosmic Rider says:

    Here to simp just like everyone else. Jk just making fun of the simps

  2. Rohas Reviews says:

    Great stuff. Whats the best way to contact you ladies? Wanted to see if I can have you in a podcast show and interview you. Let me know if we can do this

  3. Ben Smith says:

    Cindy. It was an absolute pleasure to watch your video

    Off topic. Who keeps walking in front of lights??

  4. sherri moquin says:

    My idea is maybe you girls can do a review and unboxing of Bluetooth speakers cause I’m trying to see which one is best

  5. Saf K says:

    Cindy do you mind sending aneeqa down my chimney this Christmas , I promise I won’t break her ?

  6. Powerful Lord says:

    you can reward us by making more videos like this one……ummmmm… Nice…..

  7. Joe R says:

    I am obsessed with all things smart home. I would be so thrilled to win all of these amazing items.

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