Lifehackster’s Home Security Camera & Smart Home Setup Tour 2021

Lifehackster's Home Security Camera & Smart Home Setup Tour 2021 Entertainment

It is a bit late but it is time for the 2021 Home Security Camera and Smart Home Setup Tour of my home. This is mostly going to be an update video because most of the products that I have used in my 2 previous videos are still the cameras and products that I use today.

I have reviewed most of the security cameras and smart home gadgets that I’ve been using and if you want the full review I will link some of my current videos below but if I don’t include it, the best way for your to find it is just type in “lifehackster and product name” on Youtube’s search bar to find the video.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Ring Floodlight Cam
01:48 Reolink AI PoE NVR Cameras
02:09 Aootek Solar motion light
02:35 Blink Outdoor Camera
02:41 Eufy Cam 2C
02:47 Ring Video Doorbell Pro
03:42 Next x Yale Smart Lock
04:03 Litom Solar Light and Ring A19 Smart Bulb
04:27 Low Voltage Lighting and Ring Transformer
04:57 Luposwiten, Litom Solar Motion Lights, Ring Motion Detector Issue
05:47 Reolink 4MP AI PoE Camera and Ring Spotlight Cam Mount
06:45 Ring Battery and Solar Floodlight
07:30 Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
07:49 Ring Spotlight Smart Lighting
08:02 Lemontec Solar Motion Light
08:10 Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
08:26 Wyze Smart Lock (Battery Life)
09:02 Eufy Indoor Cameras
09:25 Wyze Cam Pan
09:36 Ring Stick Up Cam and Ring Alarm
10:08 Wyze Smart Bulbs
10:29 TP Link Smart Switch
10:45 Nest E Thermostat
11:12 Wyze Robot Vacuum
11:31 Nexx Garage Door Smart Opener
11:36 Orbit Hyve Smart Sprinkler
11:59 EZVIZ C1C 1080P WIFI Camera

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20 thoughts on “Lifehackster’s Home Security Camera & Smart Home Setup Tour 2021

  1. Salazes123 says:

    Thanks for the video. If you had to choose only one brand if you start from scratch for a new setup, which brand would you choose ?

  2. pacificformula says:

    If you were to upgrade your Yale lock, what would you get or what is the lasted version of that lock?

  3. Evertything Tech Related says:

    Great video. I’ll be waiting on your wyze vs roborock video. I have a rainbird sprinkler that came with my house but the wifi module will cost a extra $90. I’ll see if switching to wyze a better option.

  4. David Robertson says:

    Think Wyze needs to relax with all the product releases and focus on quality not rebranding generic items with a firmware and logo. As for cameras you certainly have a great selection and I commend you for that. I got annoyed having just nest for my door and ring for everything else so swapped them all for UniFi but still not able to get any of the instant cameras in stock for weeks now so will take a look at some of those indoor models thanks again 🙂

  5. dfizzbom says:

    If ring came out with an outdoor wireless ptz camera I’d give it a shot. Hopefully they get one.

  6. Fishing tackle Channel says:

    You have enough cameras in your house to start your own live reality tv show! Lol

  7. Big_ Prev says:

    Another great video ?? I didn’t know about the linking of the ring cameras to the alarm so the sirens go off when triggered. Thanks

  8. FlyWithMe666 says:

    Great overview. I get that a lot of these cameras and so on are due to having this channel and reviewing them (which we all appreciate!). But using so many different brands, apps and systems may turn the “smart home” idea into “hard work” to keep an overview of what’s going on. By the way: any negative reactions from guests, when being monitored by 10+ cameras? May make people feel a little uneasy?

  9. klepto dathief says:

    haha lucky dont live in canaduh and deal with the SNOW on ur cams outside! PITA to change batteries and setup during the winter

  10. Steve S says:

    Thanks for this great video, LH. I have tried to get the Aootek Solar motion light here in the UK. I looked on the Amazon site and was in for a great shock.
    It sells here for £66.82 = $91.73 US. I therefore decided to give it a miss. ?

  11. cameraz99 says:

    Wow, I thought I had a lot of cameras: 5 outside in the front, 1 in the rear, 3 inside my house and 1 in the garage. Last month after installing 5 Wyze V3 cams, I had a spike in my WiFi usage. I even got an email from Comcast saying I was about to exceed my 1.2 TB limit. Have you experienced high WiFi usage with your cameras?

  12. Omer David says:

    Greetings from Israel.
    Great tour. I love your channel, keep on the great work!

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